1. Hi All
    I've been working in NICU for a couple of years now, and earlier this year I starting lactating. This was a bit of a surprise considering I have never been pregnant or had a baby, and I take no medications. So I went to the GP and got a lot of tests done, everything came back perfectly normal. Anyway long story short .... they believe the cause is that I work in NICU caring for babies and this is causing my body to think it needs to produce milk. Sure enough when I go on holiday my lactation stops and when I am back at work it starts again. Just wondering if this has ever happened to any other NICU nurses?
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  3. by   Guy in Babyland
    Yes, I have the same problem
  4. by   dianah
    A potentially helpful article: Lactating Not Pregnant: Symptoms and Treatment

    I don't see that you have requested medical advice -- which would violate the Terms of Service.
    Any questions that remotely resemble it, however, should be directed to your GP or perhaps an OB/Gyn or a lactation expert.

    Thank you, and I wish you good health.
    Thanks but I'm not asking for advice or any information on the topic, I've read a lot about it and seen doctors about it. I'm just wondering if this happens to other NICU nurses, as I haven't found anywhere on the internet that talks about it being a NICU nurse issue. And maybe it's something we do need to talk about if more nurses experience this so they don't feel alone and/or embarrassed about it.
  6. by   itsybitsy
    I didn't know that was possible. But I guess if you want, and this is a thing, embrace it... Maybe see if you can donate. Would even be a weight loss perk AND (an unreliable) free birth control measure! So strange. And then to think of the mothers who pump 27 hours of the day for 2 months and get nothing.