Just Read The Sticky nilmdts....

  1. I just looked at the site for Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep....
    I immediately had tears start streaming down while I was watching the pictures scroll and listening to the song....

    I am just taking my pre-reqs now....But I would love to work Nicu or Ped Onc. or possibly L&D......however, those pictures just broke my heart....
    Now I'm thinking....how do you overcome that? I don't want to become cold & not be compassionate either though....
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  3. by   RainDreamer
    You don't overcome it ...... and you don't become cold and not compassionate either. It's really hard to explain until you're there in that situation.

    The people at NILMDTS are amazing .... truly amazing. They come and do pictures for us when we have a demise and they are just incredible with the family (and the NICU staff).

    A lot of times in these cases these babies have suffered and gone through A LOT. I don't want to sound heartless, but it's almost relieving and comforting when they pass .... because they're no longer in pain and they're not suffering any longer. That's also why I like when they come do the pictures ..... it provides the families with pictures of their babies without the tubes and they look so peaceful. They'll have these pictures and memories to cherish.
  4. by   Finallyat40
    beautiful pictures they produce for our families. As to how you get through those days....I've always held the opinion that the day that I feel cold/unattached to a death is the day i need to find another specialty. Every single one of these babies are special, and hold a piece of your heart, but many times, their passing is almost a relief for both the family and the staff, especially if they've been there a long time and suffered. Our unit is really good at supporting each other during these times, providing a way to decompress and move forward.

  5. by   BabyRN2Be
    I read that sticky and I had tears as well.

    I'm very thankful that the sticky was there. I've passed the info on to the NM where I work, and I hope that they will remember that for their patient's experiencing a demise.