How can such small kids take so much energy??? - page 2

i have officially had a night from h*ll. i am thoroughly exhausted, and was after only about 4 hours of my 12 hour shift. we were miserably short to begin with, so that just set the scene. oh, and... Read More

  1. by   Mimi2RN
    I'd love to know how management comes to the conclusion that you can safely take care of such sick babies, without enough staff. Two vent babies would wear me out (vents are new to us). Four, five or six grower feeders or r/o sepsis babes are way too many. I've seen how long it takes someone new to deal with ONE baby, and I've seen the paperwork after a non-nursery admin nurse has been "helping". At least in CA, we can't have more than 2-4 babies, depending on what kind of patient they are. We have had some leeway with our staffing, as we do attend deliveries.

    Nekhismom, I'm glad you are getting away from that place. It's a disaster waiting to happen!