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  1. I am currently a pre-nursing student doing a project on the NICU. My portion of the project is to research some of the more common reasons why an infant would be placed there. Although I've found lots of data and information, I figured who better to come to than the experts? If you wouldn't mind, list just a few of the more common cases that you see so that I can futher my research. Thank you!!
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Prematurity is by far the most common in my unit. Other common ones include respiratory distress, blood sugar problems (usually hypoglycemia), and temperature instability.
  4. by   Gompers
    Yep, prematurity and/or low birthweight is definitely the #1 reason.

    Respiratory distress in non-preemies is #2, I'd say. This can be caused by many things including premature lungs in a term or near-term infant, meconium aspiration, amniotic fluid aspiration, transient tachypnea of the newborn (often c-section babies whose lungs still have fluid in them because they weren't "squeezed" out of the birth canal), or possible cardiac defects.

    After that, in no particular order...

    Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar, often babies with diabetic moms)
    Hyperbilirubinemia (jaundice)
    Temperature instability (unable to keep temperature up without heating devices)
    Rule-out sepsis (possible infection, needing IV antibiotics)
    Birth asphyxia (lack of oxygen during delivery)
    Birth defects (chormosomal disorders, anatomical defects, surgical issues)
  5. by   momto2beauties
    I'm not sure how much you guys deal with this part of it, but for premature infants do you find them there for certain particular causes more than others? ie. incompetent cervix
  6. by   Imafloat
    The unit I am at is at a Children's Hospital, so all of our patients are referrals. In addition what other people have already mentioned, we get kids with Necrotizing Enterocolitis and Gastroschisis. The GI kids break my heart.
  7. by   momto2beauties
    Oh, and also thank you so much for the assistance. That's going to really help me a great deal! :wink2:
  8. by   Humbled_Nurse
    As for the causes of prematurity there are many such as:

    1) Maternal age (<16yrs or > 35 yrs)
    2) PIH (pregnancy induced hypertension)
    3) Substance abuse
    4) Infection (UTI, chorioamnionitis)
    5) Placental abruption/previa
    6) Multiple gestation (twins, triplets, etc...)
    7) Incompetent cervix
    8) Polyhydramnios/Oligohydramnios
    9) Gestational Diabetes

    I have read that about 60% of causes of premature birth are unknown.

    Premature birth is turning into a national health crisis.

    Around half a million (12%) babies are born premature every year.

    Some other interesting statistics for you:

    84% of preterm babies are born between 32-36 wks
    10% between 28-31 wks
    6% < 28 weeks

    If you go to the march of dimes website you will find a ton of information on premature birth. Go to www.marchofdimes.com

    Good luck on your project!