High risk/preterm deliveries

  1. I have been off orientation for almost a month and I feel like I had a very successful orientation. I was even recognized by my manager for catching when my baby went into SVT on my shift. I feel like I'm really catching on to the routine of the NICU well and I absolutely love this job. However, deliveries make me nervous. I'm worried I will forget what to do if something goes wrong. I am NRP certified and have went to alot of deliveries. Is this nervousness normal? Am I ever going to get to a point where I'm not nervous? Is it good to be nervous? So many questions. I know I have a passion for this area but this is one thing that makes my heart race.
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  3. by   jennylee321
    I think it's normal to feel this way because a babies life is in your hands...I mean I guess it always is in NICU, but it's higher stakes I guess. Do you attend alone or with a doc/team?
  4. by   liltiger427
    We always have respiratory therapy with us, and if it's anything less than 35 weeks, doc or NP is there also. If we know baby has issues and it's over 35 weeks, a provider will be there. But RT and RN always.
  5. by   Leader25
    Takes two years to feel a level of comfort in the nicu,be humble ,you have Not seen everything nor do you Know everything,take your time ,absorb,ask questions,avoid those frenzied type of co workers.
  6. by   jennylee321
    Also key thing to remember, know when to call for help.
  7. by   NatalieNICUrn
    It is normal to feel nervous, you need a lot of experience (think years) to feel confident attending high risk deliveries. I personally think its a good quality in a nurse, when you feel nervous its your gut instinct- always follow it and ask for buddy to go with you.