Have you ever not fed/hydrated an infant? - page 2

The thread on the general nursing board has me curious. I have never seen this in our unit. If the baby is able to get off the vent and have a "life" as bad as it may be, we always attempt feeds... Read More

  1. by   dawngloves
    I can only think of one we sent home without feeds, because she was such a mess the food was pouring back out of her.
    Can't think of any that we d/c's fluids on. Some never lived long enough to even start feeds.
  2. by   2curlygirls
    I've seen this done once. 37 weeker with mid gut volvulus and that became necrotic in utero. Baby had no gut. All support, including IVF was discontinued. She had a hep-lock for ATC morphine. When she lost that, they did nasal fentanyl.

    According to the attending, dehydration causes the release of endorphins. ???

    All I know is that I was 26 weeks pg caring for this babe and it was gawd awfully sad. Ugh. STill makes me teary!