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So today I was wondering..... how well do we as NICU nurses best represent what NICU really is to nursing students? Too often, nursing students are abruptly dropped off at the NICU door, handed a... Read More

  1. by   JST3
    oh i love NICU! you don't really get to love it until you're inside caring for those babies... when i first started in NICU as a volunteer, i thought i would have a hard time since the head nurse was very strict, but as soon as i found out what love she has for her patients and their parents, i admired her so much that i really want to belong in there... so inspiring, thanks for all NICU nurses who care not only to their patients but also to us volunteers, trainees or staff who are willing to learn and care... i'll strive hard so that i can be the best NICU nurse someday..
  2. by   Jenni0278
    WOW..If only you had been around when I went through school...NICU terrified me, which meant that I wanted to know everything, and no one would tell me when I was put with them. The nurses in there were rude, and pretty much just stuck us in a corner out of the way...Of course they don't hire LPN's, so not sure why they stuck us in there for clinicals...Those babies are absolutely amazing though.
  3. by   TankerBug
    I am in nursing school, and NICU is calling my name. My twin boys were NICU babies and I can't wait to be a NICU RN.
  4. by   Hopefull nurse
    I am starting prerequisites at my local community college. My goal is to get into nursing school. I am determined to succeed one day. I spent 4 days at childrens hospital with my 5 week old daughter. When we were discharged, I had made up my mind to pursue nursing. I wish to work as a pediatric nurse. Do you need additional education to work in the NICU? The NICU was across the hall from where my daughter was at the time she was born. I was so intrigued and wanted so much to go through those doors. I imagine the work must be double hard but the emotional reward of knowing you are helping those beautiful babies is the best feeling. I only wish I can succeed.
  5. by   Cashboy's Mom
    It was great to read all these posts. I too spent 8 weeks as a NICU mom with my first daughter, born at 29.5 weeks in 1999. The nurses were wonderful, and I didn't even realize it at the time but this brought me to become a nurse, and I am graduating in 6 months! I think I would like to work in a NICU, knowing what a difference these nurses make every day for so many people.
  6. by   care&share
    I am a recent new grad and my last semester consisted of three weeks in the NICU (like an internship), where I worked two 12.5 hour shifts per week. It was an unbelievable experience for me, especially since I always knew I wanted to work in a NICU. I'm glad I had these three weeks in the NICU in case I don't get a job there right away. I had different preceptors over the three week period, and most of the time these nurses were ready to take on the challenge of orienting a student to the NICU. On my last day, I accomplished a tremendous amount: I actually got to suction a 27-weeker on a vent, pass OG tube and administer gavage feedings, run meds via IV pump, PO, and IM injection! Thanks to all those nurses who enabled me to grow confident and showed confidence in me to work with such fragile babies. Nursing students are thirsty to learn and perform new tasks. It is those nurses who are willing to go the extra mile to "take on a student", who make a difference and inspire students to continue their most rewarding position.
  7. by   Cashboy's Mom
    I'm curious, was your program a BSN or ADN? In my ADN program our peds/maternity clinical rotation was in a regular nursery.
  8. by   care&share
    My program was an ADN program. The three weeks is a specialty semester where the student choses where they'd like to spend two 12 hour shifts per week. Otherwise on the regular OB/Peds rotations (14 week semester)we spent one or two days in L&D, Nursery, NICU...
  9. by   didi768
    Quote from hikernurse
    Getting my hands wet (not literally, LOL) during clinicals in the NICU is what directly led to my being a NICU nurse. I couldn't see doing anything else; I walked out of that first NICU clinical day and told my instructor that's where I would be working after graduation .

    I have a lot of students assigned to me and I enjoy, for the most part, having them. Since our acuity is high, we aren't supposed to let students do anything much more than observe, but I walk them around and try to give them a true picture of what it is we do. I also try to find time for them to cuddle a wee one--that's probably their favorite part .

    Good for you Steve and llg, it's nurses like you who make a difference
    Then I want to work with you!!! World needs more of you. I could NEVER have attitude with a nurse in training. I want to work with babies so bad but I'm an LPN with zero BABY exper. in nursing.
  10. by   didi768
    Quote from lovered1224
    It is so wonderful to hear an RN in the NICU to want to teach students and have them enjoy their time in that area. When I did my round there, I left feeling like I was not wanted and would never be invited back there again. It was exactly as you stated, I was dropped off, assigned to a Nurse that wanted nothing to do with me and did not speak to me unless I asked her a questions and with that I would only get a few words from her. I went in there wanting to learn so much and when I left, I wanted to be anything other than that Nurse I had that day. I would never want someone leaving after having me as a Preceotor and thinking the way I did when I left. Kodos to you and I wish there were more people that had your enthusiasm!!

    Oh man. Clinicals like that are the reason I dont want to go back to school. I wonder: If the nurses got extra pay to train us, would they be a little more willing then? I hate when they won't talk to you. People suck sometimes.
  11. by   littleneoRN
    If nurses got extra pay to train, then you'd have some people doing it for the money. Eagerness for the money does NOT translate into welcoming attitude and going the extra mile to give a new nurse a good experience. It sounds nice to pay extra because it's extra work for sure, but I think it would just make the problem worse.
  12. by   tampamomma
    I am getting ready to start nursing school very soon. I am praying I find instructors just like you. I want to learn and not just by watching. I am aiming for either labor and delivery or NICU. Your thread may have changed my mind to NICU. Thanks.
  13. by   gleny2403
    hi all!!!! i was hired to be a NICU nurse this december but the problem is that i dont have experience in NICU but in pedia ward only for only 4 months.Im quite scared since im going to work outside the country, im also thinking of buying books so i have immediate referal but what book i should buy?thre are alot off books in NICU and what i need now is a good one that would help me in my needs and provide overview on nicu routine.....
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