frustration - new grad in level iii

  1. Hi y'all,

    I'm a new grad who just started working in a level3 NI. I had only 9 weeks of precepting before being on my own during nights with a 3pt assignment. I've been on my own for a total of 4 nights now, and am up to my ears in stress all night long because I am so unsure and lack confidence in what I'm doing.
    My hospital has an internship (Jan/June), but because of my graduating in August instead of May/Dec, I got to do my own schedule instead. After 6 weeks on days, I had a very short 3 week nights orientation. The short orientation would've been fine, but I had inconsistent precepting from 4 different nurses. It was very overwhelming and intense, and because of this lack of training, I really dread going to work. I used to really want to be a NI nurse, now I want nothing more than to have a boring 8-5 reliable job.
    Nights are difficult to get through and I'm still adjusting to when I will or will not see my husband. We wanted to start a family soon after getting married, but now I feel like I have to push that back because I don't think I can handle a pregnancy and night shift work... much less my own infant during days after working nights.
    We're really short staffed, and it is so hard to say yes to extra shifts when I'm overwhelmed enough working 3. I cry on my way home from work 2/3 days/week. I'm so frustrated and I want nothing more than to start over with decent preceptors and really learn what I'm doing. I trained in intensive care and now am working in intermediate care/feeder grower.
    I really need some love and support to keep going. Please help.

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  3. by   BittyBabyGrower
    First need to talk to the unit manager and the clinical nurse specialist about all this. 9 weeks is not enough time for a decent orientation for a new grad. Do they not assign a resource person to you or at least have the charge nurse resource you? You need to say something before you get in over your head with something. If you recognize your stress, please say something!
  4. by   NeoNurseTX
    I was thrown into nights after precepting on days without help. It was okay though because nights are slower and the only difference is we hang more lines and bath/weigh.

    If you're this stressed out w/ intermediate care, do you really think you would fare better with intensive care?

    Also, when they call you in for extra, don't answer the phone.
  5. by   Shanlee79
    Well, I can't offer pearls of wisdom but I do want to offer some support. I am about to embark on the exact same journey it seems. I received my internship sked & due to short staffing, I have been assigned several preceptors--with only 6 night shifts at the end. I am getting very nervous but I am trying to remain positive & try to prepare myself the best I can.

    I agree with BittyBaby, hopefully there is an educator on the unit or someone you can discuss these frustrations with to find a solution. I think it must be frustrating to be a new grad in general but especially difficult in a specialty without the right supports in place. Good luck to you!!
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  6. by   prmenrs
    I just want to repeat Bitty Baby's advice: sit down w/the Unit Manager/CMS/Educator or any combination thereof, and tell them what's going on. Don't work any extra shifts, you need the down time for your own well being, and talking to the UM about that may decrease the calls.

    9 weeks is not enough, imo, esp w/o consistent preceptors. I wish you all the best. Please ask for what you need!
  7. by   rnicu28
    Thanks, everyone! I am going to speak with my educator this next week.

    @NeoNurseTX - it's not so much the IMC that's stressful, as much as the lack of knowledge in general, but yes, I am grateful I'm in IMC instead of ICU at this point in time

    I appreciate y'all's time & responses.