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Hey, guys, I have some questions. Do any of you have any experience with babies who've developed NEC and/or perfed on your shift? I figured you do :), but would you mind sharing your experiences? ... Read More

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    Umm, Sandi, that's not *me* in that picture... (furrowing brow)

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    There ya go! Dobhoff is the big people... I think? I'm so fried these days!
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    I love this sight just last night one of my kids were looking distended even had some loops but a simple glycerin chip relieve him and he was fine. I guess if you keep assessing not letting up and if NEC is occuring just getting on top of it is nice. You guys are awesome. It is a strange thing because even when you get those symptoms they never seem to happen with all babies one may get subtle and you may overlook it or a serious loopy kid. It is a true learning experience. :-)
  5. by   KRVRN
    Increased number of A's and B's... esp A's... is a generalized early sign of getting sick. Temp instability also.

    I caught it way early in another nurse's patient when I "saved" an apnea/desat for her. After I got the baby's sats back up, the belly still looked gray. Called her over and it had turned that ugly color just in the few hours since she had last assessed him. Got the whole work up with abx and repogle and everything. Turned out fine.

    I've also seen boy babies with suspected NEC turn out to have incarcerated hernias.