Changing specialties

  1. Hello! I'm an RN (ADN - I know) with about 5yrs experience in pediatrics. My first 2.5yrs were in a leading children's hospital working the pulmonary floor, which included trachs/vents/bipaps, tpn/gt/ngt, ports/central lines, and total care patients. After I had my daughter, I stayed home a bit and then worked part time at a pediatric primary care office. I've most recently been a school nurse for the past 1.5yrs.

    I'd really like to get back into acute care nursing and am largely interested in neonatal care. I'm attending a job fair for a new women's hospital next week. Any suggestions as I try to convince employers and HR reps to give me a shot? Or is there anyone whose made a switch into neonatal nursing that might have any recommendations for me?

    Thanks so much.
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  3. by   jennylee321
    Really emphasize your experience on that pulmonary floor because those skills should transfer over ie. Vents, trachs, TPN. Also doing well baby checks in primary care is baby related. From your school nurse job you could focus in presenting your skills communicating with parents.
  4. by   pedi_nurse
    Thanks! I'll do that. Honestly, I've loved peds and I've loved every peds role I've held. I just haven't found my niche just yet. My interest in neonatology (and L&D/lactation consulting) obviously peaked after having my own child. I feel that I could really transition well to neonatal nursing though. I know I'll have plenty to learn, but I'm really eager for the challenge!
  5. by   Leader25
    Texas you say ,there are huge NICUs in Dallas,Austin,San Antonio,they offer relocation might have to work in peds for awhile to wait for an opening but you will love it.
  6. by   pedi_nurse
    Thanks! I'm actually in the Dallas area. I'll remember to stay open to the idea of going back to peds for a bit if need be.