Being Mandated

  1. Just often do you folks have to be mandated to work a 16 hour shift? Lately for us it's been a lot! I understand clients need nurses. It's part of our an example frequently this last year when mandated over from a 12 hour night shift we do not even get to keep the same assignment. Getting put into a whole new assignment when you are already tired often have to double back and work again at 7pm is not very nice!

    It used to be the nurse who is staying got to have their pick to move or to stay on that assignment. Now I of coarse understand if the unit needed to mandate several nurses which has happened, but when you are the only one AND the nurses from the day before are not working??? REALLY????

    Kind of frustrated right now...more to do with the charge nurses attitude when I just double checked thinking I would have the same assignment until 11am....

    Yup more reason to count the months to my date to retire!!!!
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  3. by   NICU Guy
    In 4 yrs I have never been mandated (maybe because I am in a large unit. 30-40 nurses per shift). The charge nurses ask for volunteers first before mandating. If I were to be mandated, I would keep my assignment for the mandated 4 hrs.
  4. by   Miiki
    Im in a similar unit as NICU guy. I've never been mandated and no one has been mandated at all in the 3 years I've been here. Our hospital would rather use incentives as that causes less burn out and totally voluntary.
  5. by   neonn965
    Never heard the word mandate on our unit. We do use on call though. And if that fails, our managers work in staffing, night shift, weekends, doesn't matter, if staffing is unsafe.
  6. by   kitty29 are very lucky! Can honestly say have Never seen any of our managers pick-up a night shift. I think by now I have had about 15 d iffrent ones in all!!! And burn out is very high on our unit right now!
  7. by   Elizabeth777
    Never. We are not allowed to work more than 12.5 hours in a shift. If needed, our hospital uses incentives and management comes in.
  8. by   kitty29