26g abbocath shortage...

  1. I work in a NICU in GA, and we are having MAJOR problems receiving 26g abbocaths for our IV starts on small premies. I was wondering if anyone else was having this same problem, and if you have any suggestions... thanks!!!:imbar
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  3. by   Heather333
    I have never used a 26G cath. We use 24's on all our preemies and micropreemies.

  4. by   cindyln
    I have never used anything smaller than a 24g.sorry
  5. by   dawngloves
    Same here, we use 24g on all the kiddos. But I know we have winged and no winged kinds. Is that an alternative for you? To use one or the other?
  6. by   NicuGal
    Us too.....it is a pain to try to start an IV on one of those itsy bitsy's with a 24!
  7. by   Lyssia
    We have received our 26g caths again! I can't believe there are some NICU's using only 24g caths on micro premies! 26g caths are so much better for those hard-to-find veins.

  8. by   Navy1Nurse
    We only use 24 gauge too, I have never even seen a 26ga. We usually have the Insyte (brand) with the wings. I do like to use the Jelcos (very short 24ga) on the tiny ones though. I prefer the Angiocaths, but we never seem to get them anymore
  9. by   nicubabe
    we used to use 26 g caths but the company we got them from quit making them so we have been forced to use 24g. We would love to get the 26g caths again if we can find a company that makes them. Any names would be appreciated.
  10. by   NICURNMOM
    we're having problems because we've been told that all angio's have to be safety needles now! We can't start our IV's with these big ole saftey ones! We like Quick caths with the little wings. 24 g. I've never seen a 26 g, but I think I'd like to!
  11. by   Lyssia
    The company we use is Abbocath.. they don't have wings on them. Just little white caths. WONDERFUL for those TINY veins. It's the only IV cath our Neo's will use to place PAL's.
  12. by   Mimi2RN
    We use Insytes, 24 ga. With and without wings. They are a safety catheter, as you pull the needle out the little cover opens over the point. I lost an IV once (only once) when I snagged the cath as I was withdrawing the needle......

    I've never seen 26 ga. Are they a short catheter? We used to use 5/8" length, but not in the Insytes.
    Abbocaths are manufactured by Abbott Medical or Hospira and the 26 GA G721001 is being discontinued in the manufacturing in the USA. Abbott is actively seeking a source in China to manufacture the 26 GA Abbotcath because of the specific need of the NICU departments in North America. Roll out should be in September 2006. New Cat# will be G944. I work in the purchasing departmrent and have been trying to source an sub for Abbocath but there is nothing out here except butterfly infusion sets. Hope this helps others in the same situation as us.