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Ok, let me say that I am THRILLED to have landed my dream job! I'm pleased to even land a job, period. Especially in L&D, as I've heard it is very difficult to get a job in L&D where I live. I know how tough the market is for any nursing specialty. I have been a RN for 5 years, all community nursing. Health Educator for 6 years prior. No acute care experience. I have a BS in Health Education. Strong background in teaching. My new job is in L&D where there is a lot of teaching. Perfect! Now, here's my issue. My base pay is that of a NG. The hospital states I have no acute care exp. so they have to pay me as a NG. I agree with that to a point, but I feel that I should receive a little more compensation for 1)being a nurse for 5 yrs. I still have other nursing skills, maybe not all the *clinical* skills you have in a hospital; and 2)I have a bachelor's in a health-related field. After my night differiental, I am somewhat comparable (well, $1-$2 less) than the other local hospitals. I spoke with the HR manager about negotiating my salary and she said I would have to discuss that with the DON and my nurse manager. I don't want to rock the boat too much, but I thought I could ask for an evaluation in 6 months or 1 yr. At that time we could consider increasing my salary. Of course I would need that in writing. Do you think that is fair? Should I leave it alone and count my blessings? I guess I could ask how they typically handle pay increases (what determines an increase, when, how often, etc).

I totally understand your point.

But I have heard many times what you mentioned as a possibility being the actual reason -- No acute care experience. I suspect you will go through pretty much the same ground floor orientation as a new grad. You would need to, it's a totally different deal in hospital as you know, and L&D is a very techinical specialty after all. I have a friend who was lucky to land a job recently and she is barely keeping her head above water. I think that maybe you should just count your chickens for now as some people actually believe you have no transferable skills :rolleyes: which, is so not true. You have confidence, and proven ability to build on. But your management sees you as someone who is going to cost them lots of money to train.

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In addition to the above poster, I would mention that "2)I have a bachelor's in a health-related field" truly would not increase your pay rate on any scale that I have seen.

Congratulations on landing your L&D job!

I have to agree with both previous posts. And to further clarify regarding your other degree, if most employers won't pay more for a BSN, there's no reason to expect that any degree in a related field will be considered with respect to compensation. Maybe if you were going into management, but not bedside nursing.

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