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Michigan's Munson Medical Center is tackling the nursing shortage with unique incentives, including free housing or substantial signing bonuses. Articles News

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Traverse City, Michigan -  In the face of an ongoing healthcare professional shortage, Munson Medical Center in Traverse City, Michigan, is taking an innovative approach.

The hospital is offering enticing incentives, including free furnished housing for a year or $10,000 signing bonuses, to attract operating room nurses and surgical technologists. This unique strategy sets Munson apart, as it's currently the only hospital in Michigan providing free housing for permanent-hire nurses and other health workers.

Application Requirements

To qualify for these unique incentives, applicants must sign a two-year employment contract. After the first year, they have the option to pay rent in Munson-provided apartments or secure their own housing. Additional important notes:

  • This program is exclusive to Munson Medical Center, the flagship hospital in Munson's eight-hospital system.
  • Munson is hiring RNs with associate degrees but they require nurses to obtain a bachelor's degree within five years of being hired.
  • Signing bonuses of up to $3,000 for operating room aides and up to $10,000 for operating room nurses and surgical technologists are also available.

Munson Healthcare is not only focused on attracting new talent but also on retaining its existing workforce. The health system offers bonuses, tuition reimbursement, and wellness benefits to its current employees. Over the past three years, Munson has issued multiple appreciation bonuses and made the single largest wage adjustment in the health system's history.

As the healthcare industry grapples with a shortage of nurses, Munson Medical Center's innovative approach serves as a potential model for other institutions. By offering unique incentives and focusing on both recruitment and retention, Munson is taking significant strides to address this critical issue.

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