Newly licensed...expires 6 months???


I just passed my Nclex-rn, but my expiration date says aug 07.I thought we didnt have to renew until 2 years later???


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They do that on your initial licensure in many states. After this first renewal, the expiration dates should be normal.

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Yeah - I had the same thing. Got my license in June, it expired in October. But now it will expire this year (which is two years later).

I'm now applying for my Michigan license (been pending for 1 month now), I'm at this point hoping they wait until March to actually issue it, since it will expire in March. Which would so suck because I would've literally had it 2 weeks when it expires and have to buy a new one.

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Many state BONs like to align your renewal date with your birth date and year. If you were born in an odd year, they want your license to be renewed during the odd years. If you were born in an even year, they want your license to be renewed during the even years.

I was born in an odd year (1981), but first obtained licensure during an even year (2006). Therefore, my the license expired less than 1 year later during the odd year (2007), because the state BON wants my license to renew during the odd years only. Now I am on track, as my next renewal is in 2009.


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Same here. Received my first licensure in June. All R.N. state licensures expired in October of the same yr. and were up for renewal.

There was a clause that said you didn't have to have the required continuing ed. hours if you had graduated within X number of yrs.

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