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hi everyone! i'm a eu citizen, recently graduated (2011)from nursing school and i'm planning to move in the uk within the next 1-2 years. i've browsed through nhs jobs and seen posts advertised as suitable for newly qualified, but i wonder how likely is it to get a nursing job in the uk as a non uk, newly qualified nurse with very limited experience. maybe getting a job in the private sector would be easier? here is my cv:

academic qualifications

2007-2011 abc university of city1-department of nursing (grade: 8.33/10, "very good")

2004-2007 1st high school of city2(grade: 18.1/20, "excellent")

clinical experience-clinical placement

4/10/2011-10/5/2012 i served in the xyz battalion as a nurse. main duties:

- nursing care of the infirmary patients- all routes of drug adminstration

- doctor assistance in physical examination

- new privates' vaccinations (meningitis and tetanus shots)

- basic first aid teaching (heimlich maneuver, treating simple injuries e.t.c.)

15/3/2011-17/5/2011 clinical placement in the surgical ward of "blahblah childrens hospital".

- familiarization with the surgical department and drug calculations according to the children weight

excellent teamwork with medical and nursing staff

continual professional education

- clinical seminar: "electroacupuncture according to voll". 10th nursing students conference. 8-10/4/2011.

- critical care and emergency nursing: guidelines. 26-27/9/2010.

- clinical seminar: "metabolic drug interactions: clinically important drug interactions in various metabolic systems of the organism". 9thnursing students conference. 16-18/4/2010.

- clinical seminar: "newer antibiotics: mechanism of action, antimicrobial actions spectrum, clinical indications, resistance mechanisms, adverse effects". 9th nursing students conference. 16-18/4/2010.

foreign languages

english: proficient communication, london tests of english, university of westminster

british council ielts academic: 8

computer skills

1. computer practice and file management

2. word processing

3. spreadsheets

4. internet applications

other information

-volunteer blood donor


available upon request

i know it is quite simple but my experience is very limited too.

lastly, do nurses also need covering letters to apply for jobs?

thanks a lot!

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Check with NMC because you may be required to have 12 months experience to meet requirements


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You did not mention where you did your training. If your training took place outside of the UK I believe in order to work in the UK as a licensed nurse you have to make a formal application to the UK professional nursing licensure body (I can't remember what they're called, but you can google them). I believe they accept applicants who have trained in certain countries (I think they also require a certain amount of experience). They will evaluate your nursing training as they want it to be at least equivalent in quality to the training in the UK. I don't believe this requirement would be waived for working in the private sector; as far as I know it applies to any position where you will be working as a licensed nurse, NHS or otherwise. I would start by contacting the UK professional nursing licensure organization to find out their requirements.


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i've checked with the nmc information for eu applicants file and my qualification is automatically recognized so i don't think experience is needed. I'll send them an email though to make sure, thank you. Is my cv ok or maybe too simple?

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Just letting you know that jobs are more scarce in the UK and from a hiring manager's POV, it makes sense to hire an experienced RN or a new graduate RN from the UK. Best of luck, but you may find it pretty tough to navigate. Definitely I wouldn't move there unless you had a job offer...