Newly graduate Irish nurse moving to Australia


Hi All,

I'm a recent graduate from Trinity College Dublin in Ireland and I am looking to move to Australia. Would anyone tell me how life is as a Nurse in Australia. I've been getting mixed feedbacks from people, some liked it and some hated it. Also, where is the best place to live there and if you know how much the pay rate is?

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From what Irish nurses have told me, nursing in Australia is much better. Better working conditions, pay, nurse to patient ratios. Plus the weather.


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Hi. Each state has pros and cons. I live in Melbourne Victoria we have the lowest pay rate in the country for public hospitals but the best ratios. 1:4 in metro areas.

I would suggest that most capital cities are well staffed currently but there could be pockets (the ward I ran had a waiting list). Prehaps some second cities such as Newcastle or Geelong. Private hospitals in Melbourne are expanding rapidly so that is another option.

I have been here 8 years and graduated from LYIT. Nobody will really care that you graduated from TCD. I am streets ahead of where my classmates who stayed in ireland are and also colleagues who graduated from more prestigious collages than LYIT. Many are still on the staff nyrse post 10 years later. I have managed a ward, done a stint in bed management and am now doing quality, safety and improvement for the most active division in my hospital.

Basically what I am saying is if you want to progress here you can but you need to put in the hard work but it is worth it.

Happy to talk further if you have any questions.