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Hello, my name's Alice. 18 years old and just enrolled to do nursing at la trobe university in Melbourne, Australia. Nursing had been what i'd wanted of doing after high school for a long time, and despite several conflicts with my father (who thinks nursing is degrading), i have finally found the courage to enroll. Don't know what the future holds for me. I do realise that there are lots of downsides to nursing, but hopefully this will be a job i'll love and learn from as well.

I'm a bit stressed at the moment, nursing seems to be such a stressful and tiring job. Is it really that bad? I'd like to think that i'm a person who's strong enough to cope with stress, but still....

Anyway, a little encouragement from some nursing students and graduates would be nice :) Or, warnings...for what beholds me....

Also, it would be nice to hear some tales of fellow nursing students first few months or so at uni.


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WELCOME Alice !! to the BB

Nursing school can be stressful. Just try to be as organized as you can, don't forget to have fun and relax, take care of yourself. Take one day at a time.

Good Luck, nice to have you here!



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Glad to meet you! All I can say is you have come to the right place :D This BB is a wonderful resource when you need information--or are stressed out! :eek: :D Sounds like you've put a lot of thought into choosing nursing & will do well. It will get stressful and require a lot of your time (makes me think of one of those t-shirts "Nursing is Life...") but it's definately well worth the effort (I may deny that after Winter Break is over :p ) Good luck to you.

Pull up a comfy seat and stay awhile ;)


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It is very stressful, but you can do it! I am graduating May 2003 and I've done it at 35 years old, married, 3 kids (ages 14, 12, and 3), and working while in school (and kept a B average!)

Two weeks before the end of my 2nd semester, I walked into the director's office to withdraw from the program. I felt I had had all I could take and I couldn't take anymore. This was with my B average, mind you (in all of my classes). I was just to the point of exhaustion and felt I could NOT go on. The director, however, told me no way, no how would she just let me do that. She sent me home to think it over (which I had already done, I thought). She said find whatever it took within me to finish because she knew I had wanted this all my life and that I could do it.

Am I glad now, as I enter my final 5 mos of the program, that I did not quit? YOU BETCHA! I got over my "hump," pulled up my bootstraps, and I'm almost finished.

My recommendation is to network yourself with your fellow classmates -- they will be a great support. Your family won't truly appreciate what you're going through for this degree because they aren't in school with you, so your classmates will in some ways become your family for awhile. Always keep focused on your goal ... and remember that you CAN do it.

My little sister is now entering her 2nd semester of nursing school (different school) and is finally understanding how stressed out I was before she started herself, but she is doing it and doing well (and also has a family and job as well).

It's not easy, but nothing worth having really is, right? Go for what you want ... know that you CAN accomplish it ... and enjoy the ride. :)


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:nurse: Alice, I think you made a great decision! Yeah, nursing is stressful at times and hard, but degrading? Never! It can magical and wonderful and there just are not that many jobs where you have a chance make such a difference in someone else's life. I have been a nurse for 8 years and I can't imagine doing anything else. Good Luck!


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Hi Alice, welcome to the boards!

I have just finished my nursing training through a Melbourne university, and am about to start my graduate year in a few weeks.

I went into the course as an EN, or Div 2 (LPN), and I know some of the students who hadn't nursed before took part-time jobs in nursing homes, and they say this helped them a lot with general nursing care, time management, and other things, just by being in the environment.

I think while nursing and the study can be stressful, so too can many other professions.......don't let that put you off, especially if you have wanted to do it for a long time. You'll be fine!



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Hi Alice!! All I can say is ONE DAY AT A TIME. Stay organized, stay calm. Yes, it is stressful, but you can do it. I have found that it really wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be (I heard horror story after horror story from graduates of my school! :eek: ) It's hard, but its not horrible! Good luck! ;)

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