newborn belly button & 50 cent piece.


my sister just had her first baby and was told by her mother-in-law that if she used a 50-cent piece to press in the belly button and tape it, it would be an "inny" instead of an "outie" belly button. I have never heard of such a thing, but she wanted me to ask around. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you!


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I've heard of it. It's an old school thing. If the umbilical cord falls off the way it should the baby will have an inny anyway, right?


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Taping a coin to baby to make an "innie" is an old wives tale.

An "outie" belly button is either

1. The way the body decided to leave the scar. (All belly buttons are classified as scars). Taping an object over a scar will not influence what it looks like

2. An umbilical hernia which again, taping an object over top will not cause the underlying musculature to close.

Many people swear that their parents taped a coin on them and their siblings and they all have innies so it must work....but think about statistics here.

80% of the population has an innie while only 20% are blessed with an outie.

Why do I know so much?

Because I'm part of the 20% group. It took me to be an adult to appreciate the my button because of all the ideals and parameters of beauty.

Just let the baby be themselves, you wouldn't take a newborn to have a nose job dye their hair? Why would you cover up a perfectly good part of the body for no reason?

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I am sorry but we cannot offer medical advice and that she needs to ask her babies pediatrician. Money is handled by thousands upon thousands of people and could have been dropped in toilets or sewers. Money is filthy I personally would NOT place that on my child's open would.

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