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What's up Guys,

I just decided to enter the nursing career field after much deliberation. I have to admit, I didn't want to do it at first cuz I didn't want to be like Faulker from Meet the Parents, but after carefully assessing my skills, interests, and passions, I couldn't escape the perfect career.

So now, I'm looking to get into a NP or Accelerated Program. I live in San Diego, but am able to relocate. Any advice for a newbie? Which programs are best? Any schools looking specifically for guys? Programs to stay away get the gist. I have a decent undergrad gpa, and am studying to take the GRE in August.


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Welcome Andrew and good luck to you!


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Congratulations on choosing nursing, Andrew. Continued good luck and success!


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welcome Andrew!!! it is funny that you didn't really wanna take nursing @ first, cause I was sorta the same way. that, and a lot of people tried to talk me out of it. after awhile though, something changed, i have no clue what, I guess it was just the way I thought about everything. Anywayz, I am really excited to be in school and can't wait til i'm done!! :lol2:


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