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Newbie. Question


Hey all. I been lurkin for about a year and a half. My name is Tim. Im a paramedic in southern ohio. I took my first test 2 months ago. I have passed NC 1 and 2. Taking chronicity monday.

I have a quick question. I was called by Excelsior today saying they wanted to review some of my nursing classes because they might be able to wave some of the excelsior tests. I got to my second year of nursing before I dropped out, I hate sitting in a classroom. Anyway, when I called them back they said they wanted me to send them power points, a syllabus with detailed day by day studies for the classes they named off to me that they were considering for review. I was wondering if anyone has ever had this done before? I talked to someone who sounded kinda shady, like they basically just wanted me to send them my schools material. Most of the classes they mentioned, assessments, pharms, struck me as odd cause I really dont see how that would allow me to get credit for any of the ec exams. The only one I can see is med surg but he didnt even mention that one.

Anyway, hope to hear from you all.


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Wow, I have never heard of anyone getting credit like that. If EC called and you can get the information, then it probably will not hurt to send it if you have it.

Call Excelsior and confirm that they did indeed call you. That doesn't sound right to me. Usually if you're going to have classes reviewed they will ask for a syllabus, but never have I heard of powerpoints. How do they know that your instructor used powerpoints? You might have had some old school instructors who aren't computer savy. I would get confirmation before I send anything. Good Luck

I talked to an academic advisor in excelsiors nursing department.

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It just doesn't sound right! I hope it works out like you want!

Doesn't sound right. There are many students that get in through the 50% of nursing school route and they aren't allowed to transfer in their nursing school credits. I would call and speak to a different advisor. And ask specifically why you would be given this opportunity that other students have being trying to get for years to no avail.