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I'm Channa, a nursing student who has lurked for awhile and finally decided to come out of the shadows and post!!

This is an awesome forum and I love the honesty and support I see everyone giving!

A little about me: I am an Air Force wife of almost 11 years, mom to 3 and 2 semesters away from graduating nursing school. It has been a long 3 years and I am really anxious to finish the last year of college. I took 1 class this summer, it just ended this past week and I have 3 weeks of freedom before the juggle begins again.

I didnt start out wanting to be a nurse, as a military family we travel a lot and wasnt sure if I could complete a degree before the next move! I wanted a college education of some sort and also was interested in the medical field..but nursing was my last option..LOL I looked into being a PA, but was encouraged by a nurse to look into her profession. I started out by taking a NA class at the local college (we lived in Wyo at the time) Our clinical site was a nursing home, which hired me after I finished the course. I lasted there 6 months, it was the hardest job I have ever had, my heart broke while I was there, and when I brought care or lack of care issues to the DON she promptly moved me to another floor, eventually I was fired, I never was told why.

I continued on and got a job at a hospital on a great ortho/neuro floor...which I loved. I worked there a year and then also attended college. I had made my decision..nursing it was! We moved to southwestern IL thanks to Uncle Sam and I transfered my classes to a college here and have been in school ever since! I also work as a CNAII on a cardiac floor, I work PRN so I float quite often, I really enjoy floating as it gives me insite to where I might and might not want to work..LOL

So I am down to 2 semesters and then I hit the real world, I am like all of you excitied, nervous and unsure what I want to do. I have a few interests but am not set yet in a particular field. I have time to decide...but I am really leaning toward Critical Care or OR, both areas are offered in the hospitals here and they offer excellent internship programs. Any thoughts?? I am also wondering if I should do the Med/Surg thing prior to an internship with either of these.

Thanks for letting me jump in and post! I look forward to getting to know everyone! I am so glad to have found another avenue of support. I really lean on my husband and my church family and hope I can be supportive to you all also:)

moni rn

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Welcome, Channa!

I am so glad you decided to delurk! :)


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Welcome :) This is a great support system! Let us know if you need anything!



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Hi nurzofFaith,

We are happy to have you here. I too was a bit shy to post a message but by reading, I realize that these people are very supportive and I am very grateful.

I too have decided to start my nursing course on the 27th August and looking forward to do well. It is very nice to know that we have a lot of students here to converse with and give support.

Again we are happy to have you and do hope that you continue to read the posts.

Good luck!!


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Hi channa

I see that you are at Scott AFB. I have been there(daddy was an army man) before when we lived in Collinsville. Congratulations on keeping up with your education. It is harder sometimes for military wives being as you never know how long you have at any base. I know just getting through high school seemed like a miracle for me with all the moves. :D Anyways, just wanted to say hi and good luck in everything you do.


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Hi there Channa! I'm Louise, and I live in Collinsville, very close to you. I have lots of friends in Belleville, so I'm up toward Scott a lot. Sure is nice to meet people who are so close. Are you going to school at BAC...or I guess it's actually SWIC now, or at SIUE?


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Hi Louise...You are close!

I attend SWIC and am really happy with the program, it is hard, but good.

I love this area also and we hope to retire here too!!

I work at St. Elizabeths in Belleville. Are you working in IL or MO?

Take care and thank you for the welcome!!



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I work in MO, Channa, at St. Louis University Hospital. I really like it there, and I get to learn a lot. It is really great experience for me. I'm a float PCA there, so I get to be exposed to a variety of nursing areas which I really like.

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