worried about my microbiogy grade.please help!! I got a B.

  1. my over all GPA is 3.87 .

    A and p 1 - A
    A and p2- A
    Microbiology- B
    eNGLISH 110- B

    Do i have any chance of getting in to nursing program.My microbiology grade haunts me day and night. I hear from students that nursing schools only accept A grade in science courses especially these days. I 'm currently student at lehamn college.I 'm going to transfer to college of new rochelle.,cmsv or dominican college in orange burg.Do ia have any chance of getting in to nursing program.Is it true taht you need A s in your science pre requisities.I belive students lie about their grade.My worst subject is about to come.It is chemistry .I ma going ot take this crap on fall semster . What should i do . My dream school is college of newrochelle. I already have 33 credits as of now. or these nursing schools just wanna scare you offf that you need all A s to throw out students.Please jhelp.My microbiology grade haunsts me every day. Also please mention student's gpa in college of newrochelle and cmsv
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  3. by   MomtoP
    I am sure you still have a chance, it will just depend on the grade pool for the semester you applied for. I bet even if you dont get in at first, with that GPA you will get a waitlist letter and get in at a later date as people don't accept or drop. GOOD LUCK!
  4. by   ifoundnemo
    I was accepted into a VERY competitive accelerated nursing program with a B+ in A&P 2, B in A&P1 and a B in Microbio and a C+ in Chemistry and A's in my two other science requirements. I put my ALL into every one of my classes, my school was just extremely difficult. My overall GPA was a 3.8 though. I had a great essay, great recs, and volunteered. As long as you try your hardest and have great accompanying documents you should be fine Don't freak, grades are really important but if you have the drive and show the want you will be okay.
  5. by   caliotter3
    I wouldn't get upset over this. A B is a good grade. Go through the application process and see what happens. If you are turned down by every program you apply to and you are told your grades aren't good enough, then you might consider repeating the course to get an A. Otherwise, the extra effort in that endeavor as well as worrying about your grade is not worth it. Better to concentrate on finding a program where your grades are sufficient to get you accepted to the program. Good luck.
  6. by   RN20102010
    Where did you hear this from.The requirements for transfer is usually on the school's website for example NYU says if the lowest grade required by your school to pass a class is a C in order for it to be transferred in to NYU you need to get one grade higher ( you should have no lower than a B in that class in order for it to transferable). I wouldn't go crazy over that, they look at your overall GPA. GOOD LUCK you will be fine
  7. by   guiltysins
    It's only one B, I wouldn't worry about it especially with your A&P grades. Just make sure you stay on top of chem getting a B or higher and you'll be just fine.