Will I ever be a NURSE????

  1. I got rejected twice in one year!!! My average when I applied was a 3.55...I have decided to try a private school for the Fall 2007 but just found out that they require applicants to take the NET exam..I feel like getting into Nursing school is becoming more and more of a challenge for me!!! Sorry for venting!!! Any words of comfort ? Are you or were you once in my situation??
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  3. by   athena55
    Hello RNsoon!
    I am not sure what the NET exam is/means. Here in NYC, at least one college, CUNY (City University of New York) at College of Staten Island (CSI) has a lottery system: IF your GPA is at a certain level, and your name is drawn, then you are accepted into the Nursing Program. I think this is awful! I am not sure why this lottery system is in place, maybe something to do with not enough professors to teach nursing students?
    I would agree with you that it would feel like getting accepted into a Nursing program would be a challenge.
    Waaay back in the day, when I was a Senior in High School, I applied to 25 different Nursing schools/programs. I only received two offers to interview. The second Nursing School accepted me, but I think my problem was that I did not have the best grades and my study habits were poor, to say the least. But, I was offered a chance and I went for it.
    I can only wish that you are also given a chance to "prove yourself". Your GPA sounds great
    Let us know what is going on, okay?
  4. by   barbnyc
    The CUNY schools have very limited space and many applicants. I took my prereqs and co-reqs at LaGuardia (which saved a lot of money). I start at SVCMC in a few weeks. I applied to SVCMC and Beth Israel and got accepted to both. Take the entrance exam(s) for any private school. If you have taken all of your prereqs, the cost for private school is only a few thousand dollars more (maybe equivalent to one or two months of nursing salary). The private schools usually look at all of what you bring to the table, not just GPA. It's worth the extra effort and the entrance exams cover predominantly math and vocabulary (except for the PAX exam which has some science). You can prepare for these tests in a few weeks.

    Good luck and don't let the process overwhelm you.
  5. by   MizDnurse2b
    It is very competitive down here in Alabama. I am having to go the LPN route to get my RN. I think in our case ( and possibly everywhere else ) there are not enough nurses willing to teach, they make more money working in the field than in the classroom. The college I am at had 800 applicants for the Fall semester and could only take 100 !! We go by a point system here...A=30 B=20 C=10. They look at MTH, BIO's and your compass reading score or ACT reading points. All I can suggest is just to hang in there...you will get in eventually. Best of Luck -- I'll cross my fingers for you...
  6. by   RNsoon!
    Thanks!! All of you guys made me feel alot better..Honestly!! MUaHHH
  7. by   amyatnwcc
    My school required the NET (nurses entrance test). It isn't bad. There is a study guide, but I didn't find out about it until after I took the test and I still did pretty well. This site explains the test.http://www.testprepreview.com/net_test_breakdown.htm