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I got accepted to CSI, Hunter and City Tech. I don't want to go to Hunter because I heard there's a HUGE LONGGGG waiting line for the Nursing Program. I am thinking about going to City Tech because... Read More

  1. by   crafty
    i just took it this year, which is my third.
  2. by   xjae
    Quote from crafty
    i just took it this year, which is my third.
    Thanks so much. That's when I am planning to take mine too if everything goes right!
  3. by   nurse2btracy
    Quote from xjae
    I would go into a private school but my family can't pay that tuition.
    Congratulations on your acceptance into Hunter. I have been accepted for the fall 2007 semester as well. My gpa is only 3.35 so I have decided not to go there even though it looks like a really good school.

    I have applied to 2 private nursing schools: Beth Israel and NYU. I am on my own with paying for college tuition so if I get into either schools I will be going for loans and hopefully scholarships. I will be paying off my students loans forever but it will be worth it because I will be a nurse.
  4. by   camii
    I am currently finishing up my prereqs at City Tech and I'm very pleased with the school. I considered CSI too, but the commute is a killer unless you live in SI. Nursing school is tough as it is, you don't want to spend 2 hours commuting to school everyday, paying that toll.

    Me personally, I wouldn't consider getting myself up to my neck in debt to pay for school. I think you have a great chance of finding a decent job with an AAS degree because of the shortage. After you graduate and get a job, you can always go back to school and get your BA. Some hospitals will even pay for your tuition.

    City Tech is a decent school. It's not NYU by any means, but I'm pleased with it. The average GPA to get in is usally a 3.4, but it varies from semester to semester. The NLN is required (i think somebody mentioned it wasn't). You need at least a 92 composite to be considered, which is not bad at all compared to other schools. I got a 126.

    I chose City Tech because is convenient and I knew I would have a pretty decent shot. I have a lot of classmates who transfered from BMCC because they're so discoraged with the competitition.
    I think at the end of the day, all CUNY schools give you a good foundation, it's up to you to apply yourself and be the best nursing student you can be.

    Also, once you get into the program at City Tech they want you to get your feet wet as soon as possible. In the first semester you are already assigned to a hospital (my friend is at Maimonides). I don't think many schools do that, but I might be wrong. Is something that I'm really looking forward to.

    Good luck to ya! :spin:
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  5. by   xjae
    I'm going into Hunter tomorrow for the Orientation. YAY!!!
  6. by   xjae
    ALRIGHT I decided to take

    -Eng 120
    -Stat 113
    -Psych 100
    -Hist 152
    -Orientation Seminar

    I really have to focus and do well on the first 3!
  7. by   chococroissant
    Heya xjae! COngratulations!!! I got in to Hunter as a transfer student and got accepted to the nursing program for fall 2007. When I decided to go to hunter, i had no idea how competitive it was. There were a lot of horror stories with the application process for nursing which I'm happy to report (at least in my case) don't seem true! Nessa and I and a few others are all buddies on the NLN thread!!! and thank goodness we all got in!

    Just keep those grades up!!!! And it would be good idea to start looking in to the NLN exam!!! COngratulations!!! and BEst of luck!
  8. by   gt4everpn
    yes, i have a friend that goes to hunter, their waiting list is indeed sky high. city tech, york college(qns), bmcc, queensborough(2yr associates), nyu, liu, pace, columbia (all 4 very expensive), lehman(bronx). i go to liu, expensive, but i heard their program is good. my expert advice is to invest 1 day, go to about 3 or 4 different campuses, talk to students, specifically nrsg students ask them how the programs are. also look up passing rates and graduation rates
    http://www.collegeresults.org/search...utionid=192439. look up tuition rates, good luck!
  9. by   tanu830
    Quote from Nessa1980
    I applied to Hunter Nursing program in March, and was extremely worried and anxious about getting in as I have been constantly reading post after post about Hunter's waiting list, and so i thought there was no hope for me. Anyway, I got my acceptance letter 2 days ago for the Fall 2007 Program. No waiting list!!! Also, I know 2 other girls on this forum who I have been corresponding with since the NLN exam in March, and they also got in for this Fall. So I dont know if its as bad as everyone says. I was completely disheartened by everybody saying theres such a huge waiting list, etc, and was almost coerced not to apply. Boy am I glad I didnt listen!
    My advice is to not listen to what others say - if i did, i would have made a big mistake. If you want something badly, and are a good student, then by all means go for it!! Just my 2 cents!
    hey nessa!!,..im currently at hunter college too...but im a psych major.....right now my gpa is not that great but i know once i finish my bachelors in psych i can get it up around 3.0 or so......but i've done really good on the pre-reqs for nursing and i want to apply to Hunter's program but im soooo scared of everything i hear just like u heard.....if i do really good on the NLN exam and my gpa is decent do u think i have a chance???? i know its 50% each for gpa and ur score on the NLN so im gonna try to do my best on the exam....plz gimme some direction if u can........thanx
  10. by   klopez1201
    I am currently attending Hunter College and am concerned with the long waiting list that is unavoidable in order to get into its nursing program. The program is very competitive indeed and is why I am considering transferring schools. I work and go to school full time, which is why I would like some insight from any of you who can help me. Currently, I am looking at CSI and am somewhat fond of their nursing program but from my understanding LIU would be a better choice even though it's more expensive.. Is this necessarily true?