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I've never really heard much about it, but I have heard that LIU in itself is a good school?? is this true? please tell me what you know about the nursing program. how difficult is it to get into?... Read More

  1. by   etate225
    I finished my first semester at LIU SON with a 3.78. I was admitted as a fulltime student but went to part time after the 1st week. I would encourage you to take your time and if you feel the slight bit overwhelmed with the coursework drop to part time. There were students that felt they could handle a fulltime load, wanting to get out on time, ended up failing a course or two and now dismissed from the program. Failing is anything less than 76.45. Do not study in excess!! Learn the basics well enough to answer the questions on the tests. Have a balanced life or you will get burned out!They are stingy with financial aid. Like you I already had a degree so federal loans will be limited for you. They give almost everybody a $1,000 achievement award, which is not much when tuition is 16k a semester. If you need to go partime and need to keep your financial aid just take acouple easy 2 credit or 3 credit courses that will give you a total of 12 hours, which is what you need to keep your financial aid. This place is very unorganized, keep copies of everything. Its every man for themselves.
  2. by   africannurse20
    I have really learned a lot from these discussion forums about what to expect. I hope to start the professional phase in the fall but there is so much to get done before i get there and i feel like i am getting a lot of running around on what to do because one person in the school tells me one things while someone else within the same department will tell me something else. I hope to finish the core required classes this summer because that is what is holding me back from beggining in the fall. All of my pre-reqs are done but they wont let me register without english and history courses which is really frustrating .

    Any advice on starting the professional phase in the fall....is there anyway around it being that some of my core classes are missing and i am a transfer student?

    Ps. i had to fight for some of the classes at my old school to carry over to LIU i went from having 70 credits to only 32 transferring over
  3. by   etate225
    You might want to consider other schools. This is the most unorganized place, I have ever went to. They lose transcripts and clep score exams all the time. You are right, one person will tell you one thing, while someone else will tell you something different. You can clep out of some courses. If you do not already have a degree, there is noway of getting out of any core requirements. Once you start taking classes in the professional classes, you are not allowed to take any courses outside to school for it to transfer over, thats another way for them to make money. Once you fail a class at the end of the semester, they are very cold and heartless. Saw many crying students standing outside the advisors office at the end of the semester because they failed, trying to plead their case. So you really want to make sure this school is where you want to be.
  4. by   yalixsa8
    You and I, may just be taking the same classes! I just started this semester and I am also a part timer.. tell me more about your experience so far.
  5. by   africannurse20
    What schools would you recommend at this point. I really want to start my clinicals in the fall but most schools like Adelphi and Molloys nursing programs are closed for the fall.

    Any advice??
  6. by   Jackie chan
    here is the facebook page for LIU nursing. please click on like it.
    LIU - School of Nursing (Brooklyn Campus)
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  7. by   YaYaBless
    I just took the Hesi this Saturday, June 16th and I'm trying to get my results but it keeps asking me for a department ID. Would anyone happen to know the ID? Thanks!!
  8. by   vivi_80
    Hi all i applied to LIU for Fall 2012 for the 2 years programs haven t hear anything from them . did anyone got accepted already for fall 2012 the 2 years program? i have an associate degree in applied science and most prerequisite. do they wave my prerequisite since i have an associate degree?
    please also what is the procedure for scholarship?
    thanks for your help
  9. by   absn2013
    I'm hoping that someone can answer this but I'm going for 15 month accelerated track and the school told me that the minimum science GPA overall is a 3.0, and mine dont add up to 3.0, but none are less than a c+, should i still consider applying? or is that set in stone?