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  1. Hi, just curious if anyone has heard anything about the R.N. Program @ W.C.C in Valhalla,NY. I think the program is new compared to other programs in the area. I just took the TEAS test today - didn't do as well as I wanted ( I ran out of time on the math section). This program seems to be extremely tough to get into it. I realize the tuition is much cheaper than other schools - wondering if that's why it's so popular.

    I've also applied to Cochran -which I know has a good reputation.

    Any feedback is appreiciated.
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  3. by   chuck1234
    I tried the WCC one time and I gave up....it is popular inasmuch as the program is inexpensive....
    Whether the program is good or not...the most important thing is to get in....some people don't even have a chance to get into one...
    Good luck!!
  4. by   mochanurse2be
    Hi! I have recently applied to the the WCC RN program. I took the TEAS test in April & I think I did pretty good (90%). Hopefully well enough to get into the program. I think that they send out the acceptances in May. (cross my fingers). I never thought about applying to Cochran. I am going to look into that today. I also applied to Rockland Community College. I heard that (on this board) TEAS scores @ WCC's RN program for 2006 was about 85-96%. Good Luck
  5. by   mochanurse2be
    cont from above.... I also went to a nursing seminar @ WCC in April and I think that the reason why it is so difficult to get into the program is because the college only takes the top 60 highest scores for the both the day program and the evening program. If you don't get a high enough score for the RN program, you have an opportunity to enroll in the LPN program. ( I think that the cutoff in 2006 was about 78%) I believe that about 400 people apply each year. Don't quote me though. And the extremely low tuition ( $140/credit) definitely makes it popular. The clinical times are very convenient for most students. These times include Friday 3-11pm, Saturday 7am - 3pm, Sunday 7am to 3pm... Hope that this helps
  6. by   carleah
    I am a graduate of WCC and loved it! Since I graduated in 2003 there are more classes to accommodate a larger demand. Still, it is not easy to get in. Some I hear are on a waiting list. I have a friend who went to Cochran and did not do well there. He is an excellent student and was surprised. He transferred to WCC and said it was like day and night.
    What many do is if they can't get into the rn program, they start with the lpn program and then after the year is over, they continue with the rn program.
    Hope that info helps.
  7. by   EBstudent

    Thanks - Just curious if you had any trouble finding a position after graduation? Or maybe some other feedback - what was the hardest part of the program, anything about the Clinicals etc.?

    I know of someone currently attending Cochran and they rave about it. WCC was my first choice -becuase of location, tuition, and I really liked how the orientation was handled. There's just not a lot of info. out there on the program. I could scream because I would have done really well on the TEAS test had I not run out of time on the Math. I had to guess C for like 15 of the questions - although I still passed the actual section.

    Anyway - thanks.
  8. by   mochanurse2be
    Is it true that if you complete the WCC LPN program, you only have to complete three more semesters of the WCC RN program??? Were you able to work during the program? Did you complete the pre reqs before you started the program or did you do them during the program? Just curious...