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Hi All I'll be starting at VEEB in the Fall and was wondering if there are any current or past VEEB students that can give some info on this program. What are the Teachers like? What are the... Read More

  1. by   NurseGurl09
    I am also taking the test on Feb 23. I have been studying math like CRAZY! I hope more people can tell us about the math section of the test.
  2. by   prospectivestudent
    hey i take my test 2morrow also!!!!!!! oh yeah i goona pass my confidence level is high right now . . . . .i got this we all got this cant wait to see you'll in sept!!!!!!!!! funny thing is im worried bout the reading comp . . . . . .the math is cake for me . . . . . .i wonder what that vocab is like but I gonna figure it out I gotta figure it out lololol but Im good and we will all succeed love peace and sssssoooouuulllllll!!!!!
  3. by   prospectivestudent
    everyone be there by 8:30
  4. by   NurseGurl09
    So far, I have been so preoccupied with the math, I havent even looked at any reading, vocab, etc...well, I have 14 more days to study. Good luck to everyone who is taking the test tomorrow! Hope to hear back from yall about how the test was.
  5. by   prospectivestudent
    I am excited about 2morrow its just a step closer for me to become a success. . . . . . . .I want to se everyone at registration because we are all gonna pass!!!!! Why hasnt anyone responded about the exam yet didnt testing start today we need to know what its like
  6. by   Miaizon
    Good Luck!!! You sound very positive and focused keep it up! Yes seriously where are all those who tested today?!?:typing
  7. by   Malenurse20
    Prob nervous still or partying.. Maybe veebs security monitors post lol
  8. by   rnhopefully09
    Is anyone taking the test on feb 24? And what sites are you guys going on the practice math problems? I really wasn't nervous untill I started reading how nervous everyone else was. I hope I pass I already have my deposit set aside LOL. And I picked out some cute nurse mate shoes. We have to help one another there is enough room for every one well only 200 but still...try to tell us what is on the test.
  9. by   lisalott
    Just took the test today. Very easy with the math they try to trip you up. The timing is annoying they give you 30 minutes for 40 questions.
  10. by   lisalott
    I am here ..everything was great until the math portion. They grade everything seperate. You have to attain 9th grade math on that portion. The reading comp and vocabulary are graded together and the math is graded seperate.
  11. by   rnhopefully09
    what kind of math was it? Fractions long division ratio decimals? LOL was the reading easy? And are they serious with no calculators?
  12. by   lisalott
    well defenitely no calc's you hve the basic math skills you know it is all simple . But when you are timed it creates this anxiety that can trip you up. You just hve to remain calm . They want you to act like a statue
  13. by   lisalott
    It is a great school though wonderful. The teachers everything I am praying I passed. Gotta wait three weeks to find out . I wont be eating or sleeping for a while