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Hi All I'll be starting at VEEB in the Fall and was wondering if there are any current or past VEEB students that can give some info on this program. What are the Teachers like? What are the... Read More

  1. by   Egharper
    Took nearly 2 weeks to finish all modules and the Nursing Lab assignments. Was informed the id's given we're incorrect. I called when I had difficulties getting in. Good luck to all. Tomorrow is the beginning of our future in Nursing. Here's to it being a SUCCESSFUL one!
  2. by   ladeelovex3
    How was everyone's first day?

    I hope you had a good one
  3. by   Egharper
    Felt good to finally start but now see how fast paced everything is going to be. Was pleasantly surprised with the implementation of wearing scrubs everyday. At least I won't have to worry about what I will wear everyday. I am in the FSA class. It's a BIG class and we are somewhat crammed in but are dealing with it well. Happy studying! Safety Test monday.
  4. by   2bagr8tnurse
    I'm in the FSA class also!! I love the program but cant wait till we split in October, its just way to crowded and HOT! lol
  5. by   Krissy414
    How's everyone studying goin for the first test ?
  6. by   Egharper
    It is too cramped and yes too hot. Studying as much as possible but there is some much to study for so I am trying to pace myself.
  7. by   2bagr8tnurse
    Well we are like 2 test 3 quiz in I was wondering what everyone thinks of the program so far! I like the program but I am in the FSA class so I'm not too happy and am anxiously awaiting for October for the split!
  8. by   jenbosoo
    I'm appreciating the program so far. I like how fast we're going into actual nursing practice materials, coming from just working on pre-reqs for the RN program... I think the end result is mostly up to us and the help is there if we reach out. Yea, FSA is lagging a bit due to the amount of students and lab instructors are frustrating but I find our instructors to be very skilled overall. I'm unsure what qualifications they have as educators, but I think they're just as good as college Professors...

    How's studying for the growth and development quiz going? There's no way I'm going to do all the reading, but I am working on the review questions and some of the answers are right out of the text books.
  9. by   Egharper
    I agree the class is entirely to large and we lose at least 10 to 15 minutes each day in almost every class just doing attendance. Human Development quiz was challenging but I believe I passed and thank GOD all of the other quizzes we have had so far. Studying now for the Chemistry quiz on Tuesday while trying to keep up with the math. Love math but never really got into the metric system so I feel at a disadvantage but I love challenges and am determined to get through it with a good if not excellent grade! Staying positive or at least trying to :-)
  10. by   jenbosoo
    Great attitude, Egharper! I don't see how you won't do well... Yea, the Human Development quiz was challenging, as well as the second Science quiz I thought but I got over a 90 on it and just hoping the for a similar scenario from the Human Development... I think the trick is to really keep in mind the key words from the definitions...

    Good luck on your next quiz and hope you're excited for clinicals! I'm going to start studying for the quiz now and try getting to some of the readings for all the other classes as well
  11. by   ladeelovex3
    I'm in class A... I know a few people from FSA and I hear alot about the complications about having so many people in you class.
    So far I love the school... I just hate the way they conduct things. I mean... the whole tetanus shot thing! I almost missed my bus because of how long it took to M. and that stupid 54/55 comes once an hour

    And I made a few friends already and now we're gonna be split up because of the whole clinical groups thing. but I wish they would've told us on tuesday what our groups are instead of thursday =/
  12. by   2bagr8tnurse
    I'm excited to find out what section I am in also! I'm kind of hoping to be in section 2 just so I can get the Fundamentals quiz and the midterms out of the way! I almost cried 4 midterms 2 days 100 questions each!
  13. by   Egharper
    Happy to find out I did well on Human Development quiz! In Section II so I know I have to start studying for mid-term! After split going to class B.