VEEB LPN Program (info request) - page 228

Hi All I'll be starting at VEEB in the Fall and was wondering if there are any current or past VEEB students that can give some info on this program. What are the Teachers like? What are the... Read More

  1. by   2bagr8tnurse
    Unfortunately that 2k is out of pocket! When I took my entrance exam, they said if u don't have the 2k don't waste the 200 on the entrance exam! Crazy....
  2. by   lkgrant RN
    Thank you. That does make sense.
  3. by   Krissy414
    Where can you attend for rn after you complete lpn
  4. by   WannabeRN2017
    I will be going in on Thursday for an application. I'm so nervous about getting a test date so quickly!!! Is anyone else going in so late?
  5. by   Krissy414
    You take your test within a week ! I saw two people go in for applications the other day . Good luck !
  6. by   Lysag123
    Hey sorry I haven't been on in a while... Yeah I'm from Merrick Krissy lol what's ur full name I probably know u
  7. by   Lysag123
    Heyy Krissy I think I answered ur message but in case I didn't can u friend request me... Lysa Marie gaccione I wanna see who u r lol
  8. by   WannabeRN2017
    Well, I went in yesterday, and now I have May 22nd as my test date. Anyone that took the test you have any advise to give? Thanks!!!
  9. by   akanini
    I know this is a VEEB thread and I m not a promoter of new schools. However, I was looking for a LPN HS like Clara Barton but one in the Bronx and I stumbled on a school named AMG. I called and she said its in Brooklyn and its $18,000. She said the evening program is 14 months and starts June 4rth. Has anyone heard of this school?
  10. by   2bagr8tnurse
    I did hear about that program...they don't offer any financial aid! They only have payment plans. I didn't bother to even ask anything further
  11. by   akanini
    UMH! Interesting. They probably haven't been approved for financial aid yet. $18,000 is quite a bit of change!
  12. by   Krissy414
    Has anyone from Tuesday's test recieve there score yet ?
  13. by   WannabeRN2017
    Hi, I just took my test yesterday, 5/22 and they said that we will receive our scores by Friday. The grading will be done in 24 hrs.