VEEB LPN Program (info request) - page 216

Hi All I'll be starting at VEEB in the Fall and was wondering if there are any current or past VEEB students that can give some info on this program. What are the Teachers like? What are the... Read More

  1. by   bklyn215
    oh yea results in 2 1/2- 3 weeks.
  2. by   PrrttyTradeMark
    Ugh, that's a long time "/ but I'll be sure to update your guys Tommorrow !
  3. by   AshCai902
    Good luck Prrtty

    && I hope you did well Bklyn
  4. by   PrrttyTradeMark
    Thanks !
  5. by   2bagr8tnurse
    Good Luck tomorrow Prrtty!Thanks Bklyn for the info!
  6. by   bklyn215
    Thanks Ash. No problem gr8tnurse. And good luck tomorrow Prrtty. Just thinking positively goes a long. So be confident tomorrow.
  7. by   PrrttyTradeMark
    Thanks guys !
  8. by   PrrttyTradeMark
    Took My Test Not Too Long Ago .. It's Really Not That Bad . The Math & Comprehension I Breezed Through ! But The Vocab For Me Was A Killer , There Were Words On There I Haven't Even Seen Before . So I'm Not Too Sure How I Did On The Reading Portion . But For The People Taking The Test Soon For The Math Study Decimals, Fractions, Radicals, Algebraic Exquations & Percentages ! Hope I Passed /; & Good Luck To Those Taking It Soon !
  9. by   AshCai902
    I hope you passed Prrtty!
    I go in next tuesday, I'm getting a headache thinking about it!!
  10. by   AshCai902
    I think i'll do fine in math, that is my forte lol
    But english is what I'm scared about. Is it anything like a regents exam?
  11. by   PrrttyTradeMark
    Thanks, 2 1/2 - 3 weeks for my results & im going crazy already for the wait . Yea the math was REALLY easy for me because that was my best subject. But the comprehension part was SO easy ! You really don't have to read the whole paragraph just read the question skim & find the exact words that was in the question & there's your answer .. But for the vocab it went from easy words to HARD words -.- & the vocab is more like a SAT type of thing ..
  12. by   AshCai902
    Ughhhhh, I'll be studying the SAT book
    Do they just give words? Or put it into context
  13. by   PrrttyTradeMark
    The vocab they basically just put into words like "To seize means to .." than list answers or word in a different way similar to that . It's 80 multiple choice & you have 24 mins . But you'll breeze through it . If you took some type or English class in college you should be able to get most of the words . But I'm only 18 , I graduated June of 11' & supposedly it's 11th grade English but I haven't learned most of those words .. I felt like I was the youngest one there lol .