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Hello Everybody: I decided to make this new thread for the students that are applying to the ABPNN (University of Rochester) for the fall 2012. I have been reading other posts from previous cohorts,... Read More

  1. by   jess3306
    I actually spoke to ***** yesterday regarding the waiting list. She said that they are going to be making decisions about candiadates for it sometime this week and then they are going to be calling those people to offer them admission. I was told that the waitlist is hit or miss, last cohort they took everyone off the waitlist, however sometimes they don't take anyone off the wait list. So keep your fingers crossed!! I really hope to get called off the waitlist!
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  2. by   Nonnahs917
    Has anyone else had trouble logging onto the Accepted Students FB page? I copy/pasted: University of Rochester ABPNN start Fall 2012 and nothing came up...
  3. by   jess3306
    sorry! im new here i apologize!
  4. by   jen_dsamuel
    Thanks much for the info Jess3306. I got a call this week and was offered admission to the school. I'm torn though because i already gained admission to another school in Virgina (sent my deposit and i've registered for classes), but i like the fact that the Roch program is only 12 months so who knows....

    Does anyone have ideas on how clinicals are conducted?
  5. by   akkb
    I received a call yesterday that i have been accepted. **** said she would mail me the packages to be filled and sent back.
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  6. by   Silverdragon102
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  7. by   jess3306
    Awesome! congratz! I haven't recieved a call yet, but I'm still crossing my fingers, i also go accepted to another nursing school, it is 2 years for a bachelors, and cheaper than U of R but i too liked that Rochester was only one year, so im not sure, but I don't have to make that decision yet. Based on the website the clinicals are during the week and on weekends for each course. There is a lot of clinical hours, more than a regular nursing program and people have said that you can't work during the program, but it's only one year you know. Good luck!
  8. by   Nonnahs917
    Does anyone know if there is an admitted students day or anything before the start of classes on 9/4? When is everyone moving to Rochester? Does anyone want to get together for a celebratory drink(s) before the start of class?
  9. by   xInspiredx
    Is the total estimated cost for this program around $60,000? I read that it's ~$19,000 per semester, and since it's one year, I'm assuming that there are 3 semesters. I guess if you add room & board, books, and other expenses, it would be somewhere near $75,000 or so? Could someone please help me figure out the costs for this program? Thanks for any information!
  10. by   Nonnahs917
    That's right...tuition is ~$60,000, health insurance ~$2000, parking ~$300, books/supplies ~$2000. I didn't receive any aid however some people received small $10,000 scholarships (I think about 20 ppl get them). You can find all of this on the website and keep in mind this is for the 2012-13 class.
  11. by   Young Tangerine
    Hi can anyone from this cohort tell me a little bit about the program? Like do you need a car? how much were expenses for books and supplies? Describe the pros and cons about the program. this is my top choice and i wanted to be sure im choosing the best program for myself?
  12. by   sNug
    I can't seem to send private messages on this forum. Can you send me a message with your email and I'll try to answer your questions