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I just got accepted into U of R's accelerated bachelors nursing program. Just wanted to start a thread to see who else is going there!... Read More

  1. by   Tiffany519
    No, I'm from Chicago. I have never been to Rochester and don't know much about the neighborhoods! I don't think I'll have a chance to visit before school starts! Makes me a little nervous.
  2. by   Nikki8734
    Hey guys,

    The closest area is the white coat ghetto it is the closest to the URMC and school of nursing. Other areas that are decently close, about a 10-15 min drive and the safest would be park ave. (where I am going to be living) and 19th ward. This website has a little interactive map that shows you the neighborhoods in relation to U of R (bottom left). Fist click on Rochester, then it will show you the downtown neighborhoods. I would try to stay away from the Monroe area to live. The South wedge, and monroe is an up and coming living area ( and it is where most of the college bars are located) but late at night the neighborhood can get a little rough. Hope it helps a little if you have specific questions about what is located in those specific neighborhoods let me know, I've lived in rochester most of my life.
  3. by   malapata
    Thanks, Nikki! This helps a lot. Do you know anything about the Art Gallery District?
  4. by   Nikki8734
    The art gallery district or NOTA area has some nice areas and some rougher areas almost half and half. If it is closer to the east end where more of the bars are it may be rougher, but closer to park ave will be quieter and generally safer. There are some great restaurants and shops around there. It is hard to tell without specifics of a street name. I'm sorry I couldn't be more help. One thing I will stress is you will want a place with off street parking. Finding on street parking in some neighborhoods is difficult, and you don't want your car to be buried under the snow when the plows go by.

    Here is a pretty good resource for rochester in general

    This is a section talking a little bit about the neighborhoods, some go into more detail than others
  5. by   malapata
    Thanks again, this is really helpful. One other question I just thought seems like many apartments offer heat included in the rent. Is this pretty common and is it advisable to find an apartment that includes this utility?
  6. by   Nikki8734
    I prefer to have my own controlled heat because if heat is included it is most likely controlled by your land lord (not always, but it is often the case). If heat isn't included rent will be a little cheaper and you can budget your utilities through the city to not go over a certain amount... but if heat is provided, and you have control of the temperature then I say why not. I just don't think its necessary. I wouldn't overlook a nice place you like just because it's not included. Good Luck with the search!
  7. by   malapata
    Again, thank you thank you thank you! All of this information is really helpful to me!
  8. by   DOH85

    You have been very helpful! I just wanted to know if you knew a little bit about Plymouth Garden apartments, and if a lot of students stay there? If so, have there been complaints about that area?
  9. by   Nikki8734
    Well I hadn't heard of it before, but I googled it to see the location to let you know the kind of neighborhood it would be in. I think I may have the wrong plymouth gardens, the only one I could find is the one on plymouth ave for 55+. I'm assuming I'm looking at the wrong complex. lol.
  10. by   DOH85
    LOL! It says its on Plymouth Ave., South. I am really trying to look at apartments that are nice and close to campus/Strong hospital area. I definitely want to make a trip up there by the end of the month. I like some of these apartments here on the link below, but some look so far away from campus on the map. I have also been looking on the search engine, but all I see is Mt. Hope Road. Is there an apartment complex there?
  11. by   Nikki8734
    Yea that plymouth gardens is a retirement community.. Out of the apartments on that site the Rochester Highlands Apartments look the closest to the nursing school, but If you want to stay really close I would look for apartments in larger houses or smaller apartment buildings on craigslist. 19th ward and white coat ghetto will be close to U of R. Anything that says brooks landing will be close as well. Craigslist is very helpful, most of the houses in the U of R area will state their how far in walking distance it is to the URMC and nursing school.. Sorry I couldn't be more help.
  12. by   malapata
    Nikki, You really are an invaluable resource for those of us who don't know Rochester! Sorry to keep bombarding you with questions but I have one more I won't be able to come out to Rochester until the 1st or 2nd weekend of April to look for an apartment for May 1st. Do you think that will be a good time frame for me to find something? It seems like most postings up right now are either for April or June 1st...I'm hoping the May rentals will pop up when folks put in their notices in April.
  13. by   DOH85
    You were very helpful. Thanks a lot!