Transfer RN license from CA to NY

  1. What is the procedure for transferring the RN license from CA to NY. Should we get the CES done to transfer a valid license from CA to NY.
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  3. by   qtRN
    hi, I suggest that you visit I am also applying for ny rn license. I am in CA right now but I have taken my NCLEX in Texas. NY has no specific application form for endorsement that is why you need to use the standard form that you can download in their website. You also have to complete the mandatory ceu's like the child abuse and infection control. I took mine in nursing spectrum. The total for the two courses is $55. You can also print the certificate right after you have taken the exam, which is good because I was able to send it together with my application form.
  4. by   1985yan
    I am CA RN now, I am moving to NY.What is the procedure for transferring the RN license from CA to NY. :spin:
  5. by   NRSKarenRN
    ny: complete application packet

    all forms and instructions in a single pdf file - nursing licensing application packet

    need to complete forms 1 and 3 for endorsement of license from another state.
  6. by   featherzRN
    I did this last year (CA to NY). You have to fill out all the forms on the website for your NY license. Pay the board money. Have verification of your license sent from CA and any other states you may be licensed in. Oh, take a child abuse class online too, I believe. Have school verification sent over. Then wait a few months and it may come through. Mine took 3-4 months from start to finish. Not a big deal just some nagging here and there when paperwork you need doesn't get there.
  7. by   mudiwa
    Just transferred mine from CA to Ny early this year. It took about 8 weeks. I was originally licensed in MI so maybe that`s why it took so long since they had to verify with MI first.
  8. by   1985yan
    Thank you very much
  9. by   sparklyrn
    Don't forget to do nursys to verify your rn (if your state participates in it) i think it's
  10. by   julieseewann

    I am applying for CA to NY. Because CA doesn't participate in Nursys, I have to mail this verification form to them and then they mail it to NY? Do you remember the address you mailed the request form to? Was it just to the board or a specific dept within? thanks so much!