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I'm trying to find information on the actual time commitment involved in Downstate's accelerated program. I know what the credit allotment is but I wanted to know how much time a student will... Read More

  1. by   singingsmile
    Has anyone graduated from this program. I need to decide within the next few days between this program and SUNY Stony Brook's Accelerated Nursing program. I would love some insight. Thanks!!! =)
  2. by   weebs21
    Hi Singing Smile,

    When did you get your acceptance letter for SUNY downstate? Has anyone else heard from Downstate either way? I havent gotten anything yet

    Good luck to you though! I think the SB seems like a good option bc it is only 12 months hence very inexpensive, but it depends on where you want to live.

  3. by   TellyTelz
    I got the bad news in the mail down...two more to go! Good luck to everyone else!
  4. by   Isabella1380
    Hi Katie,

    First off, I would like to congratulate you on your near end to the program! I just received my letter of acceptance to SUNY's accelerated program early this week! I am very psyched, to say the least, and like Kristen, I also have questions to ask you regarding what to expect in the program (especially the first summer term), what I should do to prepare, and how will scheduling be like. I am so sorry to bombard you with many inquiries, as you probably get them often, but I would greatly appreciate your time and any feedback you can offer!

  5. by   weebs21

    Congratulations!! I am very happy for you! I still havent received any letter (good or bad) from Downstate. Admissions said they are still reviewing my application (that I sent in October!). Oh well, all I can do is hope for the very best. I also got into Drexel so that is my fall back plan if I dont get in here. The NY state programs are very affordable which is nice. do you think you will stay on the LE side of Manhattan and just commute?


  6. by   Isabella1380
    Hi Kristen,

    Thank you, and I wish you the best of luck, whether you decide to get into Drexel, or if you get the chance at Downstate. I will be commuting, but I am terribly frightened of the parking over there, as I've seen first-hand that it's difficult to find spaces!! My husband works not too far from the area, and he said that he would drop me off and pick me up as often as he can, but I guess I should get acquainted with getting there by subway too! When did you apply for the program at SUNY?


    Sorry, I read your post again and saw that you said you applied since October! I never heard of the program in Drexel, is it in NY?
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  7. by   Alyssa0723
    HI kristen,
    I am also looking into SUNY DOWNSTATE ...i also have a couple of questions for you...I have a child and I am also a bit concerned about commiting myself to an accelerated BSN but it seems like it is possible. Was is difficult to get into the program? Also you said you were in class at one point 2 x's a week which included clinicals and lecture?Also how is their NCLEX passing rate?