Stony Brook Accelerated BSN Class of 2020

  1. Anyone else applied to the program? Also, have you heard anything regarding interviews?
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  3. by   Smashingsimmy
    I got invited to an interview 10/12/18.
  4. by   hwmaroon1
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  6. by   gnorboeva
    Hi, how was the interview? could you plz share about interview questions you've been asked? I am nervous about writing part too. how was the writing part, the brief essay?
  7. by   Katiewithab
    Has anyone else heard back? My last letter of recommendation went in September 28th, I haven't heard anything at all yet.
  8. by   emilianany
    No. I emailed them last week and all they said was that decisions will go out sometime in January.
  9. by   Katiewithab
    Have you had an interview yet?
  10. by   bc_2018
    Anybody hear back from stony brook yet? Any emails at all regarding interviews / not getting an interview?
  11. by   emilianany
    No interview and no email here. I don't even think I'll be getting an interview at this point.
  12. by   bc_2018
    don't worry, I called them last week and the lady said wait about 6-9 weeks from the deadline (Oct. 4) so maybe we'll hear back late-November / early December!
  13. by   emilianany
    They told me January but it seems like there are three waves of interview emails sent each year and I know three have been sent so far.
  14. by   hwmaroon1
    I think they have made their decisions on the applicants they will be considering. I think it's time to focus on other schools.