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  1. I start my pre-clinicals for nursing school at BCC in the Spring 2008. I am having some difficulty making up my mind whether or not I should work part time so that I can devote more time to school and take more classes or continue to work FT and just take 1 or 2 classes at a time. Eventually if I'm successful and get into clinicals at Bronx Community I will have to go to class during the day anyhow. I do have rent and bills like anyone else but I have a roommate. I am very torn and really need to make a decision because the longer I leave this decision up in the air the more it bothers me. I really would like some suggestions from anyone who has attended BCC or any other school for nursing school as to how they put themselves through school. Thanks for the suggestions in advance.
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  3. by   babbz
    I am going to BMCC and I have quit my job already!! I want to be jobless (sounds funny) when I do Nur1 because it cannot be repeated and I worked soo hard just to get into the program. It's 8 credits just for that one class and I will be taking others as well so I can't afford to work (sounds funny-can't afford to work, lol). I just won't have the time. There is no "forgiveness policy" for Nur1. So I am going to do the loan thing.

    I am looking to cover my expenses, including rent, tuition, books, travel and food so I will have to take both unsubsidised and subsidised gov't loans. After first semester I'll re-assess and reconsider getting a job but it's unlikely I will work full-time again until after I graduate nursing school. For the most part I just want to focus on my school work. I am tired of rushing from school to work or vice-versa exhausted and mentally drained. I did it for pre-clinicals and that was bad enough. Some people do it and some people just cannot. I am of the latter!

    I took some time to go to the financial aid office. Sometimes you have specific questions that aren't answered online. I have read and read until I know the in's and out's and I now feel I am ready for a loan so here goes.
  4. by   cjnyc
    Thanks for your suggestion because to be honest with you the whole loan process is something that I was seriously considering. I have no problem working while I complete the pre-reqs but once I really get into my nursing classes-which happen to be during the day-I really just want to focus on school. It's just so much easier and I don't have kids so the only person I really have to support is myself. Thanks for again for your suggestion. It really helps clarify things for me.
  5. by   emille
    My suggestion for u is to take the pre-reqs PT (2 at a time) and work PT during ur preclicinals. It is manageable. A suggested schedule could be something like this.
    in spring, u take two courses(3 and 4/3 credit depending on ur school), take one in summer(a 3 credit) i and take the remaining one(the one with 4 credit) in fall and apply for candidacy at the same time.
    Once you get in the program, go to school FT and focus because nursing courses can't be repeated more than once at most schools.

    PS: I wish i knew about this Website before I started my school.lucky u.
  6. by   FutureRN718
    When your in nursing is impossible. When youve got to learn 200 pages of clinical manifestations in a week it makes it very difficult to work...of course, everyone needs to live and make money but my suggestion (after making the huge mistake of working and school) is to apply for loans and work as minimal as possible while in school.

    I too, wish that I had known about this site before I started school. It is SO helpful.
  7. by   babbz
    Yes, it is very doable to work while doing pre-clins. But once you get into the nursing program it's extremely hard to work and do well on clins because of the time commitment needed for clins.

    One thing I must remind everyone is that school or gov't loans are disbursed upto 30 days AFTER the beginning of the semester. So you must have some contingency plan, savings or something that will get you $ for necessities and rent until you get your first disbursment.

    Again, after Nur1, then you can re-evaluate working and school at the same time. Some people can and choose to do it. I cannot.