Rockland Community College Summer 09

  1. Anybody taking A&P 1 or 2 this summer at RCC in Suffern? :spin:
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  3. by   Felicia327
    Quote from Stephanieee
    Anybody taking A&P 1 or 2 this summer at RCC in Suffern? :spin:
    I just completed Nursing 111 on sunday, and I'm glad its over!! You're wise to get all of

    your pre-reqs done, if you can, before you start the program.
  4. by   Stephanieee
    I'm starting nursing in the fall, and A&P is all I have left! So nervous but excited.

    Congrats for finishing Nur111, good luck with the rest of your courses!
  5. by   leelababie
    I'm at RCC finishing my pre-reqs this summer. I can't bare to wait on that list so I've decided to get my LPN at Boces, then get into the RN program.
  6. by   Stephanieee
    I got into the program at Boces but then I got into an RN program so I decided to do that, but all I have left is my A&P 1&2 which I'm taking this summer.
  7. by   leelababie
    Good luck! I've never taken summer classes and I'm worried about chem :/ I can only imagine a&p!
  8. by   Stephanieee
    Thanks! Yeah I've never taken a summer class either, I'm kind of worried about it haha but I just keep telling myself that it's only one class I have to focus on at a time. Good luck with chem, let me know how it goes.
  9. by   stereotypical
    Who do you have teaching A&P? How about your lab?

    I'm not taking it this summer, but I did take them at RCC a few years ago. I might be able to give you a heads up on some proffs.
  10. by   donsterRN
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  11. by   rebecca41
    Leelababie and Stephanie - Can you give me any more info/updates on the RCCC/BOCES route to nursing? am in Rockland and want to go back to school for a nursing degree. I'm 40 and have a bachelor's degree from 20 years ago, but my GPA is a 2.7; I am taking A&P and Principles of Chemistry in in Fall '09. Thanks!
  12. by   Stephanieee
    currently the waiting list for RCC's nursing program is 3 semesters and the next time they are taking applications is early October. If your bachelors is from 20 years ago then they should take your english credits etc, but I know for a fact they won't accept your sciences, I would stop by the school and get the program booklet to see what you're going to have to take because 3 semesters probably wouldn't be bad of a wait if you're just starting out again.

    BOCES runs from Sept-June and grants you an LPN, however if you do decide to continue after obtaining your BOCES LPN I know that RCC doesn't grant many credits for that. You will not have a problem bridging into the nursing program there but you will have to take the classes like A&P etc because they won't give you credit for what you did in certain areas at BOCES. The BOCES applications are available in the spring, and they offer a few dates to take their admissions exam, which is basic math and english. If you have a satisfactory score they offer you an interview and they will make a decision to accept/deny you for that Fall.

    Any other info you may need don't hesitate to ask! Good luck!
  13. by   leelababie
    Exactly what Stephanie said. Also, make sure you take Leslie Kingseed for one of your classes, she's excellent! I'm taking her now for Principles. Good luck!
  14. by   rebecca41
    Thanks to you both! That's very helpful. I was a journalism major in college so didn't have most of the pre-reqs in the first place, so taking them all again while awaiting admission might be perfect timing. Thanks for the advice!