PRN position offered, can i take it?

  1. Hello everyone:

    I am a new grad RN. My PCP has been kind enough to try and help me out while I job search. He's helped me in the past and now is asking if I would be willing to do follow up visits to some of his patients in their homes to take vitals and administer medications. I am comfortable doing either, but am I allowed to do this?

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   estrellaCR
    Hi. You name sounds familiar...i think we went to the same school. lol.
    Anyway in regards to your question, why not? You have an RN license and vital signs and meds is in your scope of practice. However if it is med administration via advanced route such as G-tube, you may want an RN to watch you do it the first time to make sure it all goes well and then you can be on your own. I am somewhat new grad (from Jan 2012) and I been working at an outpatient clinic since June. My job also involves regular home visits to patients to do physical assessment, vital signs and check that their treatments/meds are being taken as ordered. My first 2 visits an experienced nurse went with me just to show me what takes place and to observe me do the skills then I was on my own.
  4. by   NurseXaviHearts
    Hi estrellaCR. Thanks for your response. Hunter? Did you by chance recently have an interview at Montefiore?

    Yeah, I thought so too. I know it falls within my scope of practice, but I'm really kind of freaked out about even the slightest possibility of losing my license, so i want to be extra EXTRA sure. Lol. More so because I would be completely on my own for those visits. I do work as an enrollment RN: pretty much a verbal/visual assessment + documentation, so i'm assuming it won't be much of a difference. Add what I do now to + vitals and meds: I don't think i'll have a problem with it. Then again, you've done home visits. Anything you think is important to point out?
  5. by   estrellaCR
    Yes to hunter and to interview. Did you interview there also?

    In Home Visits it is also important to check the living environment for example are there any hazards in the home ? Also the mental status of the mental status can affect if and how they take their medication. And if they can function independently or have physical or cognitive deficit and need an aide or family member/friend to assist them if they do not already have one. If they live alone and have no help, they may need the MD to refer them to get an Aide. If they have someone that helps them, does that person understand everything about the client's treatment.

    I like homecare in that we develop a relationship with the clients and see their progress and we are their go to person (and connection between them and their MDs or NPs) for any health concerns. However, in homecare we do not use/learn as much clinical skills as in a hospital setting.
  6. by   estrellaCR
    Also when you go on the visits, have the PCPs number and his pager/cell in case there is emergency with one of the clients at home. That should cover you in case of anything.
  7. by   NurseXaviHearts
    Lol. The Nurse Manager mentioned you in my interview. Nothing bad, just general infor to see if i knew you because we both went to the same school and such.

    Yes, i just had my second/maybe 3rd? interview last monday. (NM + with some nurses on the unit). I think you interviewed the Thursday before me right? Did he give you any leads on when to expect an answer?

    Thanks for the tips Yeah, I wish home care offered more clinical skills.
  8. by   estrellaCR
    I had my 2nd interview a 2 days before you. NM said they also have to consider internal candidates (people that already work there as CNAs, Clerks, etc) and then we would hear back in a few weeks. NM said we would hear back from HR with the decision.
    I started background check process at another hospital as I got an offer right after the Montefiore interview. Hiring process takes a while at most places.
  9. by   NurseXaviHearts
    Yeah NM told me the same thing. And nice, congrats!!!
  10. by   estrellaCR
    yea it was interesting NM pull up the resumes and he ask me do I know this girl from my school (you). first time that ever happen in an interview. lol.Thank you. Im waiting for official word, i should pass the background check with no problem but i just need an official document of start date before i stop job search (hospital). As much as i like my job now, my supervisor agreed that since i am young/recent grad I should get hospital experience as some skills arent taught/done in home care.
  11. by   NurseXaviHearts
    lol yea. I've never had that happen in an interview either. But hey . You're welcome. Hope you get an official date soon! That's good that your supervisor encourages you to persue a hospital job, it's always good to leave on a good note.
  12. by   estrellaCR
    Not only to leave on a good note, but I would never abandom my clients without assuring they will have someone to fill in for me.

    Start date is to be first week of April. Background check takes at least 3 to 4 weeks so I am still in the process of it. Let me know how it goes with Montefiore.
  13. by   HighlyBlessedRN
    Any luck with Montefiore?
  14. by   NurseXaviHearts
    Nope. Unfortunately, nothing yet.