Phillips Beth Israel, LICH, SVCMC students or graduates - need your help please!

  1. Hi,
    I am new to this forum. I am switching careers (have been working in the financial industry for almost 6 years) and am interested in becoming a nurse. This site has been so helpful in my research and need some help from you guys. I am going to apply to Phillips Beth Israel school of nursing, Long Island College Hospital School of Nursing and St. Vincents. It sounds like the wait list and competition is high for the CUNY schools, and even though I know it will be difficult to get into the 3 private schools I mentioned, I figure I have a better shot at possibly getting accepted into these 3 than CUNY.

    Since the next admission process is for September 2007 I would like to take some science pre-reqs to get some of these out of the way since these schools accept transfer credits.
    -Is this a good idea?
    -Since all three schools have slightly different pre-reqs, which pre-reqs should I pursue taking?
    -Also do all 3 of these schools have the same pre-entrance exam (NLN)?
    -Would doing some volunteer work perhaps boost my chances of becoming accepted?
    -Any other tips from current students or grads to getting in?
    -Do many hospitals hire ADN RN's? I am planning to eventually go for my BSN also but will start out the ADN route but was wondering the chances of getting hired in a large hospital with just this.

    I really appreciate the input...thanks in advance.
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  3. by   ILoveNursing82
    I went to the Beth Israel open house today.I applied earlier this year, but got rejected because of my low scores on my verbal and science on the NLN( I ran out of time!!).Beth Israel, as I've heard, don't really care about your gpa and NLN.I guess they really take your essay into great consideration( you must stand out from the crowd.Avoid stating "I want to help people, I have a good heart,etc." I have also been told to call often and just make yourself known so that they can remember you when viewing your application.It would be a great idea to get your liberal arts out of the way, because the Nursing courses won't be a piece of cake at all.They mentioned this today.For Beth Israel, you must send a application, essay, 2 letters of recommendation, h.s and college transcript and arrange to have your NLN score sent to them if you do not take it at their school.You will not have a problem in finding a job with an associates degree.As a matter of fact, many people hold a ADN and some have no desire to obtain a BSN.You do not need a BSN unless you plan on obtaining your masters or unless you would like to oneday, supervise your colleagues.But, I think you may have to obtain a BSN within 10 years of obtaining your ADN( I don't think this new law is effective yet).Oh and the salary difference between a ADN or a BSN holder is about $5,000.If you need more info, feel free to send me an email.....
  4. by   barbnyc
    Hi Paragon,

    Beth Israel uses the NLN. LICH probably uses it (Beth Israel's sister school), but I'm not sure. SVCMC uses their own admission exam similar to the NLN without the science questions. I took the NLN for Beth Israel and admission exam for SVCMC, got accepted to both schools and I am presently attending SVCMC (closer to home).

    I would highly recommend completing A&P I, Psychology, Eng 101 and Sociology -- as they are the common prerequisites. If you could also get A&P II finished before you begin nursing school, it would make your life a lot easier. SVCMC doesn't require biochemistry, but BI might. It also saves money on tuition costs to take any non-nursing courses before you start a nursing program. You could take the prerequisites at a CUNY school for a lower cost. All the programs take transfer credits if you already have completed these courses somewhere else.

    The private nursing programs look at your test scores, your past college courses completed, your essay, any past job experiences (not necessarily clinical) and meet you for an interview. The private schools are really interested in what you can bring to the field of nursing and who you are. The CUNY schools look only at your grades and could care less about who you are.

    There is an excellent study guide for the NLN (MacDonald is the author) and also is useful for SVCMC's admission exam.

    Good luck.
  5. by   LadyT618
    i'm a lich grad, so here are my responses. i can only answer from a lich pov:

    -is this a good idea? excellent idea!!
    -since all three schools have slightly different pre-reqs, which pre-reqs should i pursue taking? bio, chem, psych, soc, a&p i and ii, intro to computers
    -also do all 3 of these schools have the same pre-entrance exam (nln)? lich requires the nln
    -would doing some volunteer work perhaps boost my chances of becoming accepted? it's up to you. i'd have to agree with the prev post
    -any other tips from current students or grads to getting in? not much, just get the best grades u can.
    -do many hospitals hire adn rn's? many hire adn grads. get it now then move on to your bsn. it may work out to be cheaper for you. if u do go for your bsn, u don't have to worry about pre-reqs though.

    hope this helps.
  6. by   student240
    I would say it's a good idea to take the pre-r's but i would also recommend applying to nyu as maybe a back up plan as those other schools that are less expensive soooooooo many more pppl apply and if you don't get in that means waiting another whole year probably..

    NYU is great i went there for my BSN it's very expensive but if you already have a degree or some pre-r's done then the 15 month program will run you about 70g's 4 or so semesters. The gpa to get into nyu is like 2.8 min, but you probably have to have 3.0 or higher with really good references coz a lot of pppl apply to nyu...

    If you have any questions you can pm me
    best of luck! :-)