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Hello all! Has anyone applied to Pace University's combined degree program in Westchester for this coming Spring? I just applied and I am anxiously awaiting my acceptance or rejection notice. I... Read More

  1. by   maybesooninny
    I think I have to. UGGGGH! He's had my complete application materials since Aug. 11.

    I have a BBA (from Pace) Summa cum Laude (3.9), was President of National Honor Society, blah blah blah...PLUS the head of the Mkts Dept there wrote 1 of my reccos. I have all A's in prerequisites except for A&P I and II, both of which I took this summer over 4 weeks after not being in college for 20 years, and got C+'s in both. If you count the stats and psych and everything, my prerequisite GPA is a 3.5, but I fell just shy of the 1000 they wanted in the Math and Verbal on the GRE's... I did get a 5.5/6.0 in the writing and he said thy wanted a 4 so I'm hoping that makes up for it.

    Thanks for he response. I'll have to talk to Mitch on Monday.

  2. by   maybesooninny
    ... I'm just curious. Did you apply and have you heard? Sorry if you've already posted that info. The thread is somewhat confusing.
  3. by   maybesooninny
    We may be confusing Westchester with NYC. Did you apply to the full time BSN/MSN day program in Pleasantville?
  4. by   shortontime
    Hi - not sure who you were addressing, but I applied to the full-time day program in Pleasantville.
  5. by   maybesooninny
    I know. haha. I'm somewhat clumsy with this thread for some reason! If you scroll back a page, Jjean said that Mitch told her that the only admissions notifications that have gone out at this point were those for people who deferred their admission to Spring 2010 from an earlier time..., yet Huffman1980 says this is the first time he applied... I just wondered if maybe they were applying to different programs, but it appears that they were not.

    Actually, I have a question for said you spoke to Mitch last week and he asked for mid-semester reports from professors on classes you're currently taking. Did you call him or did he call or contact you?

    Also, would you be comfortable sharing undergraduate / prerequisite grades and GRE (or MAT) scores? I'm just trying to get a sense of where I stand in the mix and what I should make of the complete lack of communication...

    Thanks JJ,
  6. by   mark1973
    Either I will get in or I won't get in, but I have absolutely no control over the matter at this point.

    I sent in my application, and I have no influence over the process now. So worrying about it (which I do) is just wasted mental energy.

    If I don't get in, there are plenty of other programs out there.

    Take a deep breath. Let it out. Repeat process.

    Take it one day at a time.
  7. by   shortontime
    I got my acceptance letter yesterday - what a relief! Has anyone else heard? Keeping my fingers crossed for all of you.
  8. by   maybesooninny
    Congratulations, JJ!

    They asked for grades from my profs, too. My Micro Professor didn't have any numbers to report cuz we hadn't had any tests at the time, but wrote something nice. And they came back and said they actually needed grades from her, which she'll get them next week. ...I'm just curious..., what grades did current professors report? Were they all A's?

    Congratulations again!
  9. by   shortontime
    My micro grade was an A. My chem grade should have been around an 83/85..not exactly sure what my prof submitted. The fact that they asked has to be a good sign. It was about a week, maybe a week and a half, after my grades were submitted that I heard back from them. I got a phone call, then a letter two days later. Keep us posted!
  10. by   maybesooninny
    Yes, I think it's a good sign. They came back twice, no less. Once to ask for grades and the second time to ask for more from the Micro prof. My chem grade reported was a 95, my chem lab grade was a 92.5 and my micro grade was unavailable at the time, like I said. We had a big exam last week. I'm not sure what I got, but that'll be what she submits.

    .. so Mitch actually called you and told you you were admitted? I'll let you know what happens. Also waiting to hear from CNR, but Pace is my first choice.
  11. by   huffman1980
    Congrats JJSpring...looking forward to meeting you.
  12. by   shortontime
    Thanks! Hey is anyone going to the session in Pleasantville on Wednesday 10/21? I haven't been to an info session yet and Mitch suggested I go.
  13. by   student002
    Have you heard anything from PACE. I am in the same position as you as far as grades and GRE scores. Actually my GRE scores are a little lower. I have A's and B's and a C in chem. I just called them today and they are missing one transcript from a study abroad program but if I send it to them soon it is okay. Im applying to the accelerated program. okay then thanks. good luck