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I know it's early, but is anyone else looking at Pace's ABSN program to start in 2013? I'm 90% finished with my prerequisites and just getting the pieces together to start the application process!... Read More

  1. by   bemal

    I'm also thinking about applying to Pace for fall 2013.
    I'm finishing my last two prerequisites now.
    Does anyone knows how soon we can send application for Fall 2013?
  2. by   theNicole
    Hey bemal,

    I was in the same situation like you a year ago: I also had two prerequisites to finish and I was applying for the Fall (2012) semester. I ended up not getting in for the Fall 2012 semester, but I got in for Spring 2013 semester and will be starting in January. I turned in my application in March before the Fall semester. Even though I applied pretty late, I figured that I might have a shot for getting in in the Fall because of Pace's rolling admissions...but spots can get filled quickly, especially when there are people like me who applied for Fall and got rolled over to the Spring because the Fall cohort was filled up. My advice is to submit your application early. You can always mark the classes you haven't taken as "in progress" and submit your final transcript ASAP after finishing the prerequisites. Hope this helps!
  3. by   bemal
    Hi Nicole,

    Thank you for the advise.
    Do you know how long it take for Pace to send the decision after you submit the application.
    And also, once you get accepted how fast you need to make a decision.
    I applied to Downstate SUNY and I don't think they send decision till February/ March.

    Congratulations on your acceptance ))
  4. by   theNicole
    Hi bemal,

    You're welcome! I found out the admissions decision in late August. They required that I reply with my decision within 3-4 weeks.
  5. by   bemal
    Ok, so I think I will apply end of this month. I will have my final transcript ready.
    Did u chose the one year program or two?
    I have a three year old son and I'm due with my next baby in April. I'm not sure if I can handle 1 year, even though I have a great support from my husband and my parents
  6. by   theNicole
    I chose the 1-year program
  7. by   Yourstruly_dm
    Quote from flareit
    I'm applying for fall 2013. I'd love to know others who are applying as well. I'm excited and anxious all in one and looking for a new career!
    Hi flareit,

    I applied for Fall 2013 as well. But I chose the 2 yr track instead of the 1 yr.
  8. by   Miss.Smiles85
    Hey all! I am a previous CDP student, any questions about the program feel free to ask. Good luck!
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  9. by   taratessa
    Miss.Smiles85 did you graduate? If yes congratulations! Any advice on keeping up with the course work would be very much appreciated!
  10. by   Miss.Smiles85
    I did not graduate but I would tell you to start off strong. Do not work and limit external obligations as much as possible. Study everything, everyday. The classes are pretty much self-taught, teachers read off the slides. So you will need to invest in your studies independently.
  11. by   taratessa
    Are you in the two or one year program? That's good advice I appreciate it! Thank you
  12. by   mairayhans
    Did anyone who applied for the FALL 2013 program got accepted yet? I applied early october and still waiting. Everytime I call they tell me that my application is on committee review and that it will be a while until I hear from them becasue they are still finishing with people that applied for the Spring 2013 semester. I hate the waiting!
  13. by   mairayhans
    Yes! When did you applied? have you gotten a response?