OB New grad jobs in NYC??

  1. Hi guys, wondering if anyoen has been a new grad at New York Presbyterian in L&D, or anywhere in NYC on L&D...I'll be graduating next year and heading to NYC. Wondering what the salaries are like and what the job satisfaction factor is and where?

    I'm midwifery-oriented too so looking for a place that hires midwives. Any and all I would love to hear your experiences. And I'd like to get an idea about salaries. Thankyou!!!
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Moved to New York Forum for more responses. Good luck!
  4. by   CeeLoNY
    Everyone I have grad with has had a hard time getting an OB job. They do not have a lot of nurses giving up those positions! And they get scooped up quickly! But if you keep serching online I'm sure you will come across something.
  5. by   lel271

    I'm a nursing student at NYU in my last semster. I've done rotations in manhattan and brooklyn, and quite frankly both boroughs are great. NY presby has a good L&D unit...mostly because it is a private hospital. US News and World Report just rated it as one of the best hospitals in the country! Honestly, though...other hospitals I would recommed: Methodist (in beautiful Park Slope in Brooklyn) or Maimonides (in Brooklyn) or Beth Israel (in Manhattan). Stay away from Tisch or Lutheran! Best of luck!