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  1. HI! I am a new grad and I am registered nurse in NJ. I moved from florida to NJ and I have been looking and applying for jobs for the past 2 months and I haven't gotten any interviews. I want to work in a maternal-child unit preferably NICU but I would take anything in that area. I've tried just about anything to make myself a better candidate for a positions but I just can't seem to land an interview. All the nurse recruiters keep telling me that the job market is really tough in NJ especially in the area I'm passionate about. I was just about to lose hope when I heard about the NYU nurse residency program. I sent in all my info, but when I spoke to the nurse recruiter she told me it would take them a month to contact me. I feel hopeless and out of ideas of what to do.

    Does anyone know how many new grads they accept for the residency program?
    How long does it take to get in?
    Can you start in any position, or is just whatever they have?

    I am desperate for advice......Thanx
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  3. by   LibraSunCNM
    Hi! I started the NYU Nurse Residency program last September. I went to NYU for my nursing degree, and I realize the job market has dried up a little since then, but as far as I know NYU is still hiring plenty of new grads. In my September orientation group, there were about 40 of us, which is generally one of the larger groups, I think. My advice is just to keep calling nurse recruitment and asking if there are any updates on your application. If they give you an appointment, you go in and interview with recruitment, and then they let you know what floors have openings and ask about what you're interested in. ICU jobs are a little harder to come by as a new grad, but they definitely hire them. Then you go from there. Good luck! NYU is a great place to work.
  4. by   Lilia7
    Hi thanx so much for replying! I spoke with the nurse recruiter and they were saying that they accpet new grads based on job openings, and being that right now there arent many job openings they are not interviewing new grads . How long did u have to wait before they called you in for an interview? were there many positions open? did you get the position you wanted? Im sorry im overwhelming you with questions but im just lost of what to do. Thank u!
  5. by   LibraSunCNM
    I waited a few weeks but just kept calling about once a week. They were vague about how many positions they had open at the time, but once I had an actual interview at nurse recruitment, they told me about some possible options, I told them the one that sounded the best fit for me, I interviewed with the nurse manager the next day, and was offered the job a few days later. My advice is to keep following up with nurse recruitment. They have 5 or 6 new grad orientations per year, so they have to hire new grads sometime!
  6. by   Lilia7
    Thanx! its just hard waiting for so long to get a call back for an interview, im applying for my NY license now which i know takes about two months to get. Im just going to keep applying and calling places and take it day by day. If you dont mind me asking, how was the interview? was it the general type of questions? Thanx so much for the advice =)
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    Quote from LilyRoseRN
    Hi! I started the NYU Nurse Residency program last September. . . ICU jobs are a little harder to come by as a new grad, but they definitely hire them. NYU is a great place to work.
    Hi LilyRose! I'm just graduating from Columbia and I'm thinking about applying to the NYU Residency program. Do you know if they have a september group every year? That's when I think I'll be available to start working. Do you know what the hours are in the beginning? Is it like 9-5 in classroom mostly for the 1st few months or do they get you out on the floor right away? Also do you know if they have residency placements in the ED?
  8. by   LibraSunCNM

    They do have a September orientation group every year, but it might be filled up already. I would get in touch with the Nurse Recruitment office right away if you're interested in working there. The first 2 months are a mix of classroom time, which is 8-4, and time on your unit, either 8-4 or 8-8, with a preceptor. After the 2 month orientation, you're "on your own" on your unit, unless you're in an ICU, which is a much longer orientation. Usually at that point you start night shift. Does that help?
  9. by   Gauze
    NYU is not hiring new grads as of right now... I called last week and have been calling since March.
  10. by   Gauze

    I was wondering if you found the interviews hard for the new grad program. Were the questions general or specific?

    Thank you!
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    Quote from Gauze

    I was wondering if you found the interviews hard for the new grad program. Were the questions general or specific?

    Thank you!
    I'm wondering the same thing too! (sorry to just jump in lol) Right now is pretty slow from what i was told too, but they said when things pick up again they want me to come in for a preliminary interview?! Would love to hear back from RN's in NYU about what it's like, also things like what's the culture like there, how are the nurse-pt ratios, unit environment, etc..
  12. by   LibraSunCNM
    Hi Gauze,

    The preliminary interview with nurse recruitment was barely like an interview, the lady asked me why I went into nursing, and then just ran through the details of their nurse residency program with me, and told me what units had openings. I told her which one seemed to fit my interests the best, and she set up an interview with the nurse manager the next day. My nurse manager asked me a few more specific questions about my clinical experience and stuff like that, but it was more explaining how the unit runs, and me asking her my own questions. I didn't have anyone asking me pathophysiology or critical thinking questions or anything like that.

    Sparklyrn, I've found NYU a great place to work so far. Nursing has an equal position among the rest of the interdisciplinary team, and that's a nice thing, you know? There isn't this old-fashioned hierarchy where doctors have god complexes and look down on nurses (for the most part). The nurse-patient ratios on the surgical floors, including my own, are pretty good, anywhere from 4-6 patients to one nurse on the floors, and 2-4 patients to one nurse in the stepdown units. My unit works really well together, there's a lot of support and teamwork. From what I hear, the medicine floors are much worse, as much as one nurse to 8-10 patients at night. Hope that helps, and hope you get to work at NYU!
  13. by   Lilia7
    Hey LilyRoseRN!,

    sorry to overwhelm you with another question, but I am also on the same boat. However I keep following up and they keep telling me that they are not interviewing anyone for july. I know you mentioned that you waited a couple of weeks before u got an interview. my question is do u think i should give up hope for july and even september? Ive been calling since late feb and i just dont know how much longer i can hold off for ( not that im getting jobs left and right) but my first choice is NYU and i would hate to take something else along the way if I might have an opportunity there. so should I keep calling even though they say july is out of the picture?
    sorry im all over the place just not sure of what to do, any advice would help...thanx!
  14. by   sparklyrn
    Hi LilyRose! Thank you so much for your reply. It seems like a great environment, and it's nice to hear about the ratios, etc (but yikes about the medical floor nights! lol :spin: ) Keep in touch and I'll let you know how it goes.