NYU BSN Fall 2012

  1. Hi everyone,

    There was no forum for NYU BSN applicants, so I thought I'd start one. Hello, is there anybody out there?
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  3. by   ManhattanBread
    Quote from chula5008
    Hi everyone,

    There was no forum for NYU BSN applicants, so I thought I'd start one. Hello, is there anybody out there?
    Hey there!!! I actually just submitted my completed application Feb 2. I'm a little worried though: I am taking some pre-reqs at BMCC and my gpa there is a 3.3. I also graduated from a diagnostic sonography program in 2011 with a 2.7 gpa So yeah, those numbers are not impressive at all. I know that I have a great personal statement and 6 months clinical experience due to my sonography program. I also volunteer at NYP nursing department. So maybe I have a chance?? I know that that deadline for transfers is April 1, 2012. Hopefully not too many seats have filled up by the time I submitted my app. I wonder when I will hear back?

    I will keep you posted, though. Best of luck!!!! Maybe I will be seeing you this fall :-)
  4. by   sarolaRN
    Quote from chula5008
    Hi everyone,

    There was no forum for NYU BSN applicants, so I thought I'd start one. Hello, is there anybody out there?
    Hello!! I'm just polishing up my application now for transfer into the NYU program for this fall, fingers are crossed!!!!
    Hope to see you there
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    How is that coming along, sarolany? Would you be applying for priority deadline? When do you think we will hear back? Good luck!
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  8. by   RickyLatino87
    Hey, I applied for fall 2012 and now just waiting for decision letters to go out. Any idea of when we will be notified?
  9. by   ManhattanBread
    taken directly from nyu's faqs: transfer applicants for entrance in september are notified beginning late april. transfer applicants for entrance in january are notified beginning late november.

    hope this helps and good luck!
  10. by   Mzungu10
    Hello there, I also applied to the accelerated program for 2012, submitted my application at the end of February this year. We should stay in contact, especially for those who get accepted. Have people applied to other programs, and where is everyone from??
  11. by   fcam
    Hi All!

    Im from NYC and applied for NYU Fall 2012 in mid Feb. I received an acceptance from Pace just yesterday which i am super excited about because i was becoming so anxioux waiting for a reply. I want to wait till i hear from NYU to make a decision. Anyone else apply to any other programs and hear back? I guess we got up to another month to start hearing back from NYU. It would be so nice to know some people before actually entering the program. Would love to stay in contact.

    Good luck to everyone!
  12. by   RNpearls1908
    Hi I just applied to NYU crossing my fingers I get in. I have as well applied to Pace University. As well as one school in Orlando, Fl and others in D.C., Hawaii and LA.

    I am from Florida so I am looking to go to school out of state since I didnt for undergrad where I went to University of Florida (GO Gators!!!) lol

    I am worried about Pace University I've heard horrible things about students getting kicked out for not having a passing grade in courses of atleast a B and not being able to re-take those courses.
  13. by   fcam
    ugh, it sounds like a horror story... but i think everyone has differnt experiences and if it comes down to Pace being my only choice ( im obviously going to go) and make the best of it i guess. would be great if we both get into NYU! have you heard from Pace yet?

    do u really think ud be doing that much studying in Hawaii?? lol although now i wish i applied there too!! haha I went to Connecticut for my undergrad so nothing exciting there.

    lets keep in touch!
  14. by   RNpearls1908
    I mean theres plenty of distractions in Hawaii just as in New York or even my school in Gainesville, Fl lol

    Ive just applied to schools in areas where I wouldnt mind living in that are fully accredited. So I'll decide from there where I want to go. But my top 3 are NYU, HPU, and mayb Pace still on the fence about them.

    I havent heard from Pace not sure if I have to wait till after the application deadline for an acceptance letter.

    Yes lets keep in touch esp if we both get in.

    What are you doing as far as housing? I was thinking about doing housing with the school since these areas cost of living is quite high