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Hi All, Over the last month or so I've been slowly making my way through New York Presbyterian's New Grad Nursing Program application process. After applying online several times unsuccessfully, I... Read More

  1. by   humblenurse12
    @kiki1984 Thanks, I appreciate that.
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  3. by   mdw6
    I recieved a phone call asking me which campus I was most interested in. I would assume that the campus that you were invited to, is the one where you would most likely be offered a job if they were interested.
  4. by   nurseinnyc&nj
    For those who went already, would you share your experience?? Was it helpful and good?

    Thank you!!! :-)

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  5. by   louwlita
    I went to the event, it was laid back and the nurse managers were very helpful..I got positive feedback from a few but I still havent heard back from the hospital..has any new grad heard back from them? I know that the NYP application process takes long, so i am not really worried just curious
  6. by   mdw6
    I haven't heard anything as of yet...
  7. by   mdw6
    Has anyone else heard from NYP?
  8. by   studentnursewhoa
    Not from the June 17th event. Did anyone happen to receive a response regarding next steps?
  9. by   mdw6
    I recieved an email with a survey about the event and in the email it basically said NYP would contact you in the future if new grad positions become available...
  10. by   nurseinnyc&nj
    I haven't heard back anything since the survey email either......

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  11. by   shadowness
    still no response for anyone?
  12. by   nurseinnyc&nj
    I still did not hear anything since attending the event a month ago............

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  13. by   mdw6
    I recieved a call yesterday regarding a possible position so there's definitely still hope for anyone still waiting.