North Shore- Manhasset-Neurosurgical ICU-Critical Care Fellowship**January 2013**

  1. Hey,

    I've been reading a lot of posts about fellowships at NSLIJ. Can anyone that has interviewed for a fellowship with NSLIJ give some advice about what they look for in an applicant? I'm having a bit of trouble trying to find this info. What kind of experience did you have or what stood out in your resume that got you an interview.

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  3. by   tnbutterfly
    Moved to New York Nursing for more response.
  4. by   RN4008
    im interested in this too! I read that the application is only up for 3 days, does anyone know when ? Thanks!
  5. by   CynderX
    Did anyone that applied for this fellowship hear back anything?
  6. by   sundrop
    Quote from CynderX
    Did anyone that applied for this fellowship hear back anything?
  7. by   dspacc
    Maybe something is up with NS LIJ hiring right now. I interviewed with the NICU a month ago. I was asked for references following and then have not heard back. ( I do have experience ) I was pretty certain they would hire me after the interview and asking for references. I have emailed the nurse recruiter and no response either.
  8. by   nursese
    same here i interviewed with the ED fellowship a month ago and i still haven't receive a call nor response to my email. Did you have an interview with nurse manager as well?
  9. by   dspacc
    I did interview with the nurse manager. I'm thinking something may be going on in HR maybe they have a hiring freeze. Strange that I usually get a prompt response from the manager. This time none from either HR or NM
    Will keep you posted if I get a repsomse
  10. by   CynderX
    The NICU Fellowship application is for January 2013 but under status it says "accepting submissions". I really do not understand what is going on with LIJ's application process.
  11. by   kingofthekicks20
    Hey y'all, any new updates regarding the fellowships? Are they still interviewing/hiring for a potential Jan/Feb start date? And for those that missed the boat like myself, anyone receive information regarding the next start date, something like June or July I believe (not that HR cares at this point)?

    Thank you for the help! Once you catch the dream of moving to NYC, it's certainly hard to get rid of! So many applicants, so few spots! Argh!
  12. by   IloveNursing2214
    The nurse recruiter just told me they started the last one this past Monday I just took my NCLEX last week , do yeah I missed it .