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Hi, guys. I'm currently considering taking a job at Albany Medical Center. I live outside NYC right now but I'm moving because of the terrible job market. I was just curious if any other new grads... Read More

  1. by   cookiss777
    Maybe it will take a month or two before they'll call you. Don't loose hope but don't dwell too much on it as well. I have applied online yesterday. Im not sure though if I qualify because for now I still don't have a NY license, Im license in NJ by the way. But I will definitely endorse my license to NY once AMC will consider my application (well, if ever they will).

    I am currently working in flu shots clinics and these clinics will soon end, thats why I need a fall back and I really wanted to work in a hospital. I hope AMC will get back to us soonest. Good luck to us!
  2. by   Cait720
    It took about a month for me to hear from tem, maybe 5 weeks. So don't give up! Make sure you're looking for postings tht say "new grads welcome to apply" or something along those lines.
  3. by   pequenopatoRN
    Hi everyone, i Know it's been a few months since anyone has seen this board, but can you give me any info on albany med center. I was just offered a position there and am going to take it. Can you tell me what your experience has been like so far. Thanks.
  4. by   waitingRN
    What unit will you work in? if ER, i would not recommend it at all. that's a horrible place to work at. gossip, racism, back stebbing anything you can imagine.

    Quote from pequenopatoRN
    Hi everyone, i Know it's been a few months since anyone has seen this board, but can you give me any info on albany med center. I was just offered a position there and am going to take it. Can you tell me what your experience has been like so far. Thanks.
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  5. by   pequenopatoRN
    I'll be in the epilepsy monitoring unit plus neuro float.
  6. by   MissCoCoKit_E
    Hi 11RN, I am going for an interview next week at AMC ...did you start out at Alb Med as a new nurse? I have a BS in Bio and ASN...from what i hear, the pay is on the lower end (~20/21 an hour) is that correct? Do you know what the night differentials are? If you did do the nurse residency program, what are you thoughts on the preceptor portion? was it a positive experience?
    I have another job offer in a small hospital, pay is a little more than AMC (from what I know so far)

    So a cardiac med/surg unit or an icu?

    I am extremely thankful that I have job offers...I just want to make the right decision career-wise and future life-wise. I am moving home to try to start saving money and try to put a dent into my current debt so I can hopefully buy a home in the near future.

    I really appreciate any feedback if at all possible!
    Thank you
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  7. by   NYbabyRN
    Hi LinaEVRN,

    I wish I could PM you, but since you can't receive a PM yet I will try to answer your questions. First, congrats on your job offer acceptance and upcoming interview at AMC!
    I did start out at AMC as a new grad and really enjoyed the nurse residency program at the beginning as it gives you support and encouragement as a new grad. However, it is one year long and towards the end I just wanted to be done with it. I believe the quality of your unit orientation and preceptors, as well as the support from your co-workers is more influential. Pay is very low, but equivalent to capital district starting pay for RNs. As far as I know, pay starts out at $21.50. Shift differential for eves is $3, for nights $4, weekends around $6 for nights. If you work 40 hrs a week, you receive an additional bonus of $200 per paycheck, however this is only if your schedule is 80/hrs a payperiod and you don't call out from work in that payperiod. Raises are around 40 to 50 cents a year, some years there are no raises. There is a clinical ladder program that can give you raises over a dollar. There is alot of OT available on some units.

    Deciding between which two jobs to take is ultimately your decision. Higher pay always seems better, however, you seem to have goals for the future. Did you shadow on the telemetry unit? Ask to do so when you interview for the MICU position. Compare both experiences, the unit environment, receptiveness of staff to teach and be supportive of new grads, patient to RN ratios, support staff that is available (i.e. charge nurse, nurses aids, stat RNs), learning experiences. A nursing union does ensure higher pay and usually yearly raises, however from my limited experience (I've been a RN for 3 years) and those of nurses I know, hospitals that have nursing unions tend to have less RN staff on the unit, at least in this area.
    If you decide to go back on your job acceptance in Kingston, just be mindful of the fact that you might be burning bridges. I, however, would rather rescind an acceptance if I felt it wasn't right for me. Let them know as soon as possible and in a professional manner, and don't say it's for another job opportunity. Better for you and them if you rescind before orientation, rather than quit during orientation.

    Good luck with your interview and I wish you a fulfilling career ahead of you!
  8. by   MissCoCoKit_E

    Thank you so very much for taking time to respond back, and your input is extremely appreciated. I will let know the outcome next week!
  9. by   alb23
    hi @misscocokit_e!

    I applied to albany med a few months ago after graduating w a BSN and didn't hear back. so I applied again last week, this time having my RN license... I was wondering if you had to contact them for them to contact you back and if you have an email or phone number I could call. or did they eventually contact you?