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I have applied to Nassau Community College's Nursing Program for the third and final time. I have been declined two other times and if I get denied a third time I will not apply again. It is getting... Read More

  1. by   Risgirl
    Yup - you'll be at either clinical or class Mon-Thurs nights.
  2. by   tranzfikst
    Has anybody here finished you AS in NCC and got accepted in farmingdale for BS. I am wondering how many nursing credits Farmingdale accepts from NCC? Thanks
  3. by   Risgirl
    AS far as I know Farmingdale doesn't have an RN to BSN bridge program yet so I don't know how they would do it.
  4. by   987!
    Hey everyone! I am officially in! I start clinicals at Glen Cove Hospital!
    How is everyone else doing?
  5. by   Risgirl
    Cograts Kuklara! Glen Cove is supposed to be a great place for clinicals because they're really on top of things with using technology there. You may have Dr. Murphy for clinicals - she's a nut, but she's great and she's always willing to help students, plus she is CRAZY knowlegeable! GOOD LUCK!
  6. by   987!
    Thanks Risgirl...they did post some of the professors but not all of them...they didnt post for my class yet but I did look for Murphy and she hasnt been assigned yet either so now after what you've told me I am keeping my fingers crossed
  7. by   987!
    Risgirl - are you currrently a student there?
  8. by   Boggs417
    Ahhh i got accepted into suffolk's nursing program!!!!
  9. by   Boggs417
    CONGRATS Kuklara!! I know I talked to you on this message board a few months back...good for you, glad to see we both got the news we wanted
  10. by   987!
    Did you have orientation yet? Did you get your supplies and get assigned which hospital you will be doing your clinicals at?
    I'm so happy for you I know how excited you must be!
  11. by   Boggs417
    THANKYOUU....I am still in shockk...Yes I had orientation yesterday, what about you?...I am literally in that process now of getting my books, making my schedule and getting my uniform Etc...
  12. by   Boggs417

    What hospitals do Nassau do their clinicals?

  13. by   987!
    For evening students they use Plainview

    For day students they have Glen COve (which I got, NUMC, Franklin, Mid Idsland and Huntington)

    What about Suffolk?