My first few days in med surg!

  1. Hello everyone!!! It was my first day in med surg floor I'm a new nurse and is it just me or did you guys felt overwhelmed when you first went to the floors? Somehow I felt stupid knowing procedures in theory but not confident enough to do it... I felt so confused , what should I do first? I mean I know for sure that the first thing you do is endorsement but then after that I feel so overwhelmed! With so many people on the floor there's too many distractions... Its as if you dont have time to adjust everyone's in a hurry... My preceptor even pressures me to give meds quickly because she will be delayed... I'm new and I want to be sure that I'm giving the right meds... Plus the carrying out of orders , special procedures that I haven't done when I was a student... Need some advice how to get through all these!!! HELP!
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  3. by   CHATSDALE
    everyone has been there and you will someday be there where they are

    it takes a lot of time...esp on a busy m-s floor..most nurses will tell you it sometimes takes a year before you feel comfortable in your new skin
    as you give the same meds you will know at a glace what sx to look for in your pt . you can do a lot of assessment while you are taking with a pt
    check fingernails, respirations, condition of skin etc can all be observed while you are giving meds..i know how your preceptor feels but she needs to lighten up and not put pressure on you

    good luck
  4. by   dazey71
    I was fine while I was with a preceptor. It was when I was on my own and expected to know everything that I got scared. Luckily, I work with really good nurses who are always there.